Sandisk 512MB MP3 Player with FM Tuner

woot off!!!

0MG WlF??? WootOFF!!!

Woot Off!!!

So GLAD I have today off.

oh no woot…not tonight. please…

Yippppeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I don’t have to work tomorrow!!! Wooot offfff!!!

Yay! No sleep!


Just in time for finals week. What better way to take a break from studying that to compulsively check woot every 10 minutes?

wooty the owl says buy one

How do you know it’s a Woot Off?

Ahhhh wootoff

I need sleep!!

its been a long time coming, woot off

The day before my final too…

yippieee!!! been waiting for it

woot! :smiley:

It’s very surreal to find out about a woot-off at EXACTLY 12:00 – I usually am in WO mode at about 9:00 in the am.

YAY for the return of the sandisk wootoff.

Come on BOC don’t evade me this time

uh oh!

woot! :smiley:

Damn I expected this, but I’m not ready!!!