SanDisk 512MB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder



better pic this time


looks like a good woot. pricing anyone?


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

SanDisk 512MB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder
$22.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 SanDisk 512MB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder


Froogle Link Minimum Price $28.99

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $43.94

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $64.95

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Customer Rating 4/5 Stars

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Blue looks cooler than my red one…pretty soon they will have woot green ones


Meh… maybe I’ll pick one up for my kids… you know, as a teether


Ooh, all the people who said before ''256mb? eh, if only it was 512…"
Will you put your money where your mouth is?


BizRate’s got it for as little as $40… i don’t think its the same, but its close… it for sure has most of the same features, if not all… sorry if its a wasted useful link… i gotta go play some late night cranium, and i’m late… so that’s the only link i’m gonna post today… holler.


Warning if buying as a gift:
I bought the 256 red one of these on the woot off and they were refurbed too. It says Refurb in Bold Black letters on the back of these. Just FYI.



I just got a GoVideo Rave MP3 player (i know its crap) but it has a 5GB harddrive with a tuner/mic for $35…yes thats right $35 from CompUSA…Works as a great MP3 for my car…so this aint for me…night


Not this again! Do yourselves a favor, and buy one with at least a gig of storage, or better yet, one that is sd/mmc expandable!


I will never understand how anyone can deal with a small MP3 player like this. I have 8GB loaded and growing every day.

Do you just keep changing the songs?


These are so passe. I wouldn’t waste money on old tech.


great price but i already bought the Alienware one a few weeks ago… goodnite w00t


Great Woot! too bad it is a refurb…


This needs to be 1 GB, then I could store the meeting notes and not have to worry about running out.


I picked up one of these (256MB though) during the last wootoff and i like the voice recording feature alot. I havent used it as an mp3 player because I have a massive drive mp3 player for that purpose. The only bad thing is mine was in red and this is in a sexxy blue color.


i bought the smaller red one previously on woot, decent mp3 player for a younger child or an older person who doesnt understand technology. And there is no big loss if they break it.