Sandisk 512MB Ultra II SD Plus w/USB – 2-Pack


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Sandisk 512MB Ultra II SD Plus w/USB - 2-Pack
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Sandisk 512MB Ultra II SD Plus w/USB SDSDPH-512

i got some 2fer links… check useful linkage for the comparison links… turns out to be a solid woot… definitely… and you can never have too many… so a 2fer is probably the best idea woot’s had in days… congrats to all those who decide to get one.


These are so sweet.

btw, do they work on a mac?


Not bad if you want high speed… But im pretty sure if you’re going for capacity there are better deals out there.


I’m in for 3 X 2 … No more cables or card readers.


Can this be used to ready-boost?


It’s only 512, never mind that it is a 2 pack, I want a 2g at least. I’ll pass on it.


Disk, schmisk.

Can’t use it, don’t want it.


Would be a pretty sweet deal if they were more than 512mb.


well, I love SanDisk, but even after reading the description, I’m still not sure what exactly this is…


Ive got one in a digi cam.The USB is nice for seeing the pics on any computer without having the camera dock.


Very good memory cards especially if you take pictures in rapid succession. The problem with these particular ones are the size. If you have a low resolution camera they would be great, but much over 5mp are just too small.


Woo very nice WOOT! I bought it. So does it let you plug right into USB? This is very nice as my MacBook does not have a built in Media Card reader and I can ditch the other bulky card reader.


I’m kinda assuming this is not “micro - SD” since it don’t say so, ro. I have been wanting to get an expansion card for my good ol’ LG Chocolate. Anyone?


Memory cards are good… SD cards are better… but only 512 mb? Nah… plus, having moving parts kinda defeats the purpose of flash memory to me.


how fast is smartpost shipping?


$15 for 1 gb? mmm pass


yes it can be used on a Mac…of course… Sigh.

Anyway, yes it can also be used for ready boost.

SD is a “standard.”

This is a good woot.


in for 3