Sandisk 64MB Memory Stick Pro 4 pack



good for a fire, backup those pic! :wink:


12 for $5.03, that’s 768MB!!!

Laughing at the people that bought only 1, are you guys nuts???
By the way, is there a deal on Pro Duo 64MB?
I need a bunch of them for my Pandora batteries.


ok, i got 3 sets when they were 128s, but really, what could i possibly do with more cards that arnt supported by anything i own?


760 mb, im gonna put my families old photos on this through my scanner, good deal imo


Bought 128x4x3 last time and they are sitting in some drawer unopened…and no these don’t work with PSP.


Oh why not… Cheap enough. Odds are will end up in BOC’s… Got mine .


I bought 3 sets of 128 meg, but 64 meg may be too small…nite


These work with my PSP right? I bought 12, so, fingers crossed.


in 4 1


pricing for future reference

condition: New
product(s): 4 Sandisk SDMSV-64 64MB Memory Stick Pro

$0.01 + $5 shipping


I already have twelve 128MB ones…
But I guess I’ll get some more.


that’s what i call a nice sellout.woot… hard to top last night, but this is still solid… here’s useful linkage as well…


What did I just buy? They were so cheap I figured I could kind of make up an item in my head.

For 5 bucks, I can still resell these for some sort of profit to some poor ol’ rube. :smiley:


Nice to see the Penny “Candy” back. :’)


I got the 12 sticks of 128 last time and ended up giving them away to my students.


welcome back 1 cent items, I sure missed you…LMAO


In for 3… Again… can’t get enough of these $0.01 Woots… :slight_smile:


Done and done. Can’t argue with $0.01 items. Got my 3.


wow, it’s not shipping Smartpost either.