SanDisk Class 10 microSD Cards

Any one have any bad experiences with Factory reconditioned cards? Any opinions on them being less reliable?

Factory refurbished MicroSD? Any ideas on how these might have failed and if a refurbished card is likely to be reliable? Thanks.

They are likely returned for one reason or another and then tested as good and they slap another sticker on them if need be. Since they are used they can’t be sold as new. As to their reliability, someone returned it for a reason, I’m not sure I would trust anything important to a refurb storage device.

NOT worth it.

32gb is $15 + $5 shipping = $20, which is more than what many new ones go for at Amazon.

64gb, the price differential is a bit more versus A, but other brands can be had new for under $30 from Newegg.

To top all this off, both of these only get a 30-day warranty. That should be an indicator of how much trust you should have on them.

Well said Narfcake, I would never trust a refurbished card. Amazon has these on sale constantly & that’s where I get mine.

Not trying to ‘out-Woot!’ Woot!, but maybe the mods can take a look at this deal:
It, brand new (NOT a refurb), and with shipping, the 64GB card is only $24.79. I’m going to post this on the Side Deals. Just something to check out.

Generic unknown, don’t trust. unknown speed doubt class 10.

Just bought a 64 GB card off Newegg for about that price after I checked Costco’s in-store offerings. Went with a Team brand instead. SanDisk is a nice brand and all, but it seems to have a bit of a name tax.

Edit: If I had seen this sale a day earlier, I probably would have picked this up instead.

Well it is labeled for UHS-1.

(I should mention fakes definitely exist but you have a pretty good case if you use a credit card)

Got the 64GB card with no adapter!

Samsung Plus 32GB Class 10 SDHC UHS-I microSD w/ Adapter for Speeds of up to 48 MB/s Our Price: $17.95
Shipping Free Shipping (USA)

174 reviews - FIVE STARS

Same here. No adapter.

That’s a bummer, sorry for the trouble. Please click the ‘support’ link at the top of any woot page to send CS a message with your order info and situation. Keep us updated on how things pan out!

Same no adapter with mine. Luckily I already have adapters for them.

stay away… i bought 2 64gb sandisk class 10 microSD’s for my gopro hero3 black. brand new ones too, not refurbs, and 1 died after very little use… locks up my gopro and half of the videos i took are jumbled messes, i was once able to view them.

dont trust these, for anything…

Got mine, almost, didn’t send the adapter. Paid extra for 2 day delivery.
Anyone get a response from Woot cust service?

No adapter and no response from customer service.

We should be answering within 2 business days. It looks like you just got your package this weekend, hold tight while we catch up on emails from this long weekend.

It seems it was quite common to not get the adapters… I ordered three of the 32gb and didn’t get a single adapter. Sent in a support just waiting on a reply.

I did test all three, speed and capacity seems to be on par for the specs so I don’t have any complaints there. Of course no longevity to report since I just got them.

I actually needed at least one of the adapters, and I definitely wouldn’t complain having a few extras as they always grow legs and walk off.