Sandisk Clip 2GB MP3 Player - Red


Is the key included? What does it unlock?

really guys

i have the sd clip+ (which is the same thing but no expansion port).
this thing is so awesome!
i use it while riding my unicycle.
I have fallen on it with my 140 pound butt and not broken. scratched but still perfect.
sound quality is superb and super easy to you.

highly highly req. defeats all other shuffle/minimp3/running type players in its class

i have owned one for 1.5 and love it. Small enough to just drop in your pocket and go. Def a steal at this price

I hope they put more of these up. I’ve been waiting for months to snag a clip for myself. My son and husband each have one and I really want one for my audio books.

Dang, I missed the Clips again. I wanted to add to my collection of three (not counting all the ones I’ve given to friends). I probably should join Clipaholics Anonymous.