Sandisk Clip 2GB MP3 Player

Too bad, I just got a 2 GB zen v plus for $5 more. That one plays video,but does not have a clip.

you know how they have so many??? the answer: My uncle works up at Samsung in New Jersey at the factory, and when there is one defect found the whole line of them are tossed out and put into a “wholesale lot” that online companies and discount stores can buy, the catch is that you cant be sure which ones work and which ones dont, thats why they say re-furbished but the prices for about a 100 players are like 200 bucks, so they cost 2 bucks a pop, but u dont know how many defects there are, so its risky but money making if you are Woot, I guess sandisk does the same thing with their defect lines.

I love my 2gb clip, but the beltclip on it broke.

For $25 i’m tempted to get another one just for a new beltclip.

The fact that so many Sansas have been returned that Woot sells them every few days for months doesn’t set off warning bells for anyone? That your refurb will be dead in a few weeks too???

Not rockbox compatible?

No MicroSD slot?

A sad face is posted now.

no you can get a 1 gig for 30. not a 2 gig.

Great player, great price. I’m in for one

Agreed!!! Enough with the previous BROKEN stuff. I and my friends have returned far too many “great deals” that were purchased here.

just in time for college. a convenient mp3 player to listen to on long walks throughout campus

I bought one of these last Black Friday, and this is one of only two times I’ve seen it come close to the price I paid. I’m surprised they still sell for $50 in most places… but it is worth. I love this little thing to death and it gets a helluva lot more use than my full-size MP3 player. If I could justify owning another one, I’d snap it up in a second.

I’ve had one of the older Sansa players, for over a year, that I got off of Woot. Has been working GREAT all that time. (Except when I forget to turn it off at work, and the battery dies on me.)

Just ordered 2 more!



Charges via USB only?

as long as you have something other than iTunes installed then no problemo. Just do a search for music players that can sync with it for mac. I know they exist, I use it with linux. Top notch device!

It works perfectly fine on my Mac (blackbook, leopard). However, if you have any songs previously loaded on it from a windows platform and then try to add songs with a mac, the player may lock up for a while. Just something to keep in mind.

My replacement e260 so far hasn’t developed any headphone jack problems like its RMA’d predecessor did, and I haven’t heard anything about the Clip suffering from that problem, which is the main failing point of the e200 line.

If these things had microSD slots and a Rockbox port, I might actually be tempted to go in for 3.
They don’t, however, so I’m not.

And, just to make this post a bit more informative… Here, have a review from ABI.

My friends and I absolutely love the ideals of In all, we have purchased more than 1000 items from woot. I want the best for these guys, but offering low-end refurbs isn’t what most people want. If we’re wrong, then so be it. Previously broken stuff for all!!!

You think there are elves somewhere physically “rehabbing” returned units? I don’t. These are just production overruns or overstocks IMO, whether they have dipped a toe into the retail channel or not. I doubt they made it as far as a consumer…in that case for this money it’d be too expensive even to open, test, and repackage them, upon return.

We have three 3 e-series sansas in our house, all working great, all elaborately imprinted with “REFURB” on the back, all giving every indication of being completely brand new on arrival.

I have a D2, clip, and a728
I like the D2 better than the clip because of the sound enhancements(BBE, Mach3bass, etc.).

Thanks! I use iTunes, but all the mp3 files are just sitting there on my hard drive, and it says this Sansamajiggy is drag and drop, so it seems it shouldn’t really have a problem… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warning! Luckily, I never have reason to cross over to the ‘dark side’ (Windows) …harhar

(Just kidding, really. I can’t really be a “Mac snob” because I actually DON’T KNOW HOW to use anything else… Ahh… true confessions. I envy you ambidextreeyites, I do, I do…)

It doesn’t bookmark per se but it does have a resume feature for any file with ‘audiobook’ or ‘podcast’ as the genre. You can edit the genre of your audiobook files to add that info.