Sandisk Clip 2GB MP3 Player

Thanks for putting things in proper perspective, again (i.e., I ended up taking your advice to wait a bit longer before getting a second subwoofer). : )

Here’s where I’m at: I haven’t used an MP3 player in a LONG time (basically, since they came out). I’ve been wanting to start again, even went to trying to find at least 1 of the 2 old ones I have somewhere around here (found boxes, manuals, cables, CD’s, so far, but no players).

Well, even tho I paid many times more for my old ones, and even tho I really need no more than those (they’re both literally “first generation” portable MP3 players and have very low on-board memory -I think one 64-128Mb and the other was 256Mb, BUT they both allowed drag-n-drop file transfer for my small but constantly changing playlist of a few dozen songs, and at least one of them had an SD slot so I could start listening to audio books once in a while), since this Clip and similar Sansas are SO cheap, not to mention that they all FAR exceed the capabilities of either of my “antiques,” and FM might be nice, I’m just going to woot one.

The only reason I haven’t just pressed the botton on this Clop is cuz it can’t do the Rockbox thing everyone is saying is pretty necessary, and what ever one I buy will be my last for a while, i.e., I don’t see upgrading or buying another any time soon, not at least until the one I get now breaks or I lose it.

SO, should I just wait for the next Sansa that CAN do whatever it is that RB does (which shouldn’t be long or cost [much] more, if I remember correctly…and I could always hunt down and use one of my old ones if there’s no RB able Sansa’s wooted or woot-offed sooner than later), OR should I just get this without RB capability?

I own one of these…sometimes I use it as an mp3 player more than my iphone…

It’s especially good, like others have mentioned, for working out in.

Don’t worry about the usb charge only thing…it runs forever before you need to charge it and you can always get an adapter now that usb is actually becoming universal. (Who knew?)

I bought one of these last christmas and it is the best DAP i’ve ever owned and I’ve owned like 15-20. From Apple, Creative, Microsoft Zune, Sansa. NOthing tops the ease of use and sound quality. Hands down the best sounding DAP player if owned. Don’t let the size fool you. Audophile reviews will tell you that this thing is great. Just don’t forget to update the player onboard software. There are a few annoying things it fixes to make it an almost perfect player.

Battery life on this thing is great. I charge it once a week at most. And the battery is still going strong as if it was brand new and I use the player daily at home, car, and gym. Trust me, battery is not an issue.

software update fixed that, thereis audiobook bookmark. Just flash the newest update to player.

Actually, they are priced at 50 bucks new at the store, to be correct. I’m sure anyone can find a deal online but so far this looks to be the best one.

Hey mykie, maybe they would send you a replacement clip too. :slight_smile:

See below:

*you can record the whole thing and try to use it later in court (check your local laws, that may be inadmissible). *

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What most people find is that while the information is legal to record, it may be inadmissible in court as hearsay (or privileged if it is a privacy violation). You can often back-door such testimony by confronting the person who was recorded and questioning them about the event - they may know you have the recording and not know it can’t come in due to the rules of evidence.

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I have a 1GB model and I LOVE it! I was torn between an iPod Shuffle and spending a few bucks less on the Sansa and I’m glad I saved my money. More features for less dough. I had a 30GB iPod Video that was too bulky for the gym, I got this to just clip onto my shorts and forget its there. Works perfectly.

I bought one of these for my wife, the last time they were offered. This is a GREAT player! It’s light, easy to use, & has fantastic sound! Even though I use an E280, I’m getting this one for myself; It’s great for those long commutes!

Look for some “in-ear” or “noise isolating” earbuds. They work pretty well, and can be found for about half the price of this Clip…

Does Sandisk sell any Sansas in actual stores anymore or do they ship them all straight to Woot?

I own this. It is an awesome MP3 player. Go forth and purchase fellow wooters.

This will be the 5th Sansa MP3 player I’ve bought from woot and I have had NO problems with any of my past purchases.

These things are TINY- I unforunately have no need for one now that I have 3 working e200s in the house (and two not LOL, bought “as-is” from ebay for parts)
You shouldn’t need rockbox with these, since the included firmware is pretty solid. -after updating, which is as simple as connecting to the internet, downloading and installing an “updater,” then plugging in the player (while still connected to the 'net).

Rockbox is GREAT for other players that came with less-than-great software. It’s highly customizable and has even more features than other players came with to begin with…

My little one, 6, is asking for an MP3 like his older brother, im in for 2. Xmas is coming.


No, and from the looks of it, it’s not going to be supported anytime soon, due to the small display on the clip:

Dang. My wife recently wrecked a cheapo Nano, and I was going to pick this up as a replacement if it supported Rockbox.

In for 2!

Hope the shipping is faster than my 8gig flash drive

Looking forward to get these for me and my youngest!

Thanks Woot

In for 2 so my wife and I can use them at the gym. I currently use an e250, but I like the clip and size of these. I’ll keep my e250 as a backup because working out at the gym without music sux.

Not at all. My first woot was a E260 nearly a year ago, it’s still going great. Since then I also got a Clip and several of the M series. They all continue to work great.

The Cip has the best sound quality, but no expansion slot and no video.