Sandisk Clip 2GB MP3 Player

How do I get music on to these things?

Good reviews on Alatest.

I own four of these in different sizes. Best mp3 player I’ve owned as far as sound quality goes. Remember to update the firmware. It plays just about any audio format including FLAC. These things are on woot alot.

This would be awesome…
…if it were my Sansa Express which has expandable memory and isn’t that much bigger.

Great price though. Buy 3! It’s never too early for stocking stuffers!

Drag and drop like a USB flash drive.

i had one kinda like this and it didnt last long at all

plug it in, drop mp3’s in to folder, unplug.

Look at all the pretty colors!

Are the headphones black no matter what color you purchase, or do they match?

lmao @ the key.
on a side note - these things are great. Small simple mp3 players that do the job. They work great as a voice recorder as well.

Was on sale at Office Depot for $20 last week, and this was for a new one, not a furby

these are great for someone not to worried about the brand name on it or who wont upload very often

How is the Clip compared to the E200 series models… better, less reliable, etc.?

easy as Plug and Prey with Drag and Drop, and can be used as a thumb drive, if you want to carry around the supplied USB cable!

Thanks, will it play wma files too?

I’ve ordered 6 of these in the past and 5 of the 6 worked great (and made great x-mas gifts). The 1 that was not working properly was RMA’d without any hastle from Woot’s customer service department.

Anyone know if this works with Rhapsody?

i remember paying $90 for a 512 mb back in high school not too long ago… damn… my kids will have terabytes of songs

I have really liked mine! It is one of the few mp3 players that will keep your place (bookmark) with large audiobook files like you can get from net library. Just make sure the “genre” tag is set to “audiobook.”