Sandisk Clip 2GB MP3 Player

good battery life?

Here’s a Cnet review

Decent ratings; looks like a solid player!

I have two … a 4gb and a 2gb… I love them.

Sandisk + refirb = no way

Pretty nice deal, considering that I got my trio of 1G for $13 each not too long ago.

That key is to the love shack

I want that damn key!

the sandisk refurb zunes from woot are awesome, basically like new

dunno about this model though

Wikipedias description of Sansa:

Great deal. I’ve always been very happy with all of my Sansa’s.

2 gigs is not enough space for the whole Mastodon catalog :frowning:

Both my brother and I have been burned by refirb Sandisks. 2 out of 2 were no worky (those are bad odds)

These would be great to have handy for your kids to give to their friends at impromptu Christmas parties. I think I’ll get a few for that purpose.

Good review on CNET both editorial and user. Here is the link: SanDisk Sansa Clip review: SanDisk Sansa Clip - CNET

Real nice players. I got one in a radomcrap once… great battery life, easy to use, gotta have xp or greater though…

bought the 1gb version for my kids-they love them, and once I figured out the trick to getting the mp3 players to charge fully, we’ve never had a problem Here’s the trick-when plugging the usb cable in on a laptop make sure that you plug it in to the very first usb port-the one closest to the front of the computer, otherwise there isn’t quite enough juice to fully charge the things. At least this has been my experience.

I NEED that damn key…I’m locked out of my house!

I have one of these and love it.

You would not believe how tiny this thing is!

Kid-tested in my house. My 6-year old and 9-year old have yet to kill theirs, even after leaving in their pockets and having them run through the washer.