Sandisk Clip 2GB MP3 Player

Five Sandisk MP3 players for $14.99, what a great holiday deal. Stocking stuffers galore.

The rest of us are content with our smart phones and iPods.

Gotta pass.

I got one, I love it.

Great for riding a bike etc.

battery life is very good. It claims 15 hours but I usually get about 12 which is still very good.

I’ve been trying all kinds of MP3 players, and this is the only one that reliably remembers where I left off; Priceless.

Pretty good I’d say.

The two I have from a year or so ago last about three days of regular use… so I’d say about 8-10 hours running FLAC. Supposedly new they get around 15, so that’s not bad at all.

The Rev. 1 models run Rockbox just fine. I’m not sure what these ones are though.

I have one of these players and i must say what a good investment. It has a pretty decent battery life. I usually dont charge it for about a week. I also use it to record lectures and play them back over again. It has a weak mic but you can compensate by turning up the volume when you listen to the lectures. It really comes in handy and doubles as an FM and an MP3 player.

If you don’t have at least XP, you aren’t techie enough for an mp3 player–time to sell the Commodore.

I bought one refurbed in red last time they were up. These are fantastic MP3 players. The sound quality is top notch as well.

I use it when I’m running and it is perfect. I just clip it on and can’t even feel it is there. Works great for snowboarding as well. I just bought another in black :slight_smile:

The link to the users manual (not included with the item) on the front page seems to be broken.

Here’s a working link for now until Woot gets the front page link back up:

In for three btw.

My experience has been that they have excellent battery life, but I can’t give you specifics-I don’t pay that much attention.

I picked one of these up a while back. Awesome, cheap little player! The clip part slides out somewhat easily (this could be fixed with some glue I suppose), but they are a great little device. It doesn’t do gapless playback, but it remembers where you were when you turn it off and on, and it has progressively faster fast-forward and rewind.

Much easier on the brain than worrying about a flippin’ ipod in your pocket that will cost a paycheck to replace.

I’ve come to realize that paring down my listening options to 2GB at a time also helps me focus on experiencing a good variety of music. If I have oodles of gigabytes of music, anything new that I add is liable to get swallowed and forgotten within the vast abyss of my collection. With a different 2GB of stuff that I download every couple weeks, I am restricted to listening to things that I really want to explore and not getting stuck habitually listening to a few favorites.

We have several Sansa’s and the are great little players and seem to really hold up against a good beat down :slight_smile:

I need the pink one!

Er, it’s 1 for $14.99, not 5 for $14.99…unless I read the "Product:
1 Sandisk Sansa Clip 2GB MP3 Player " incorrectly.

If I have all my music on iTunes… how would I get it on this thing? Re-Upload it all?

I personally purchased a number of these 2gb players from wOOt some time ago. I have had no problems with them and neither has the people I gave them to as gifts. Just do not forget to update firmware after recieving them. The sansa site can help you with this:
Sansa: Firmware Updater End of Support. Also, charging thru your computer is exruciating slow. You are better off having a 110 usb charger which can be found very cheap. Woot Info Post
better ingredients, better

Sandisk Clip 2GB MP3 Player [Refurbished] - $14.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Sandisk Sansa Clip 2GB MP3 Player

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Love the Mastodon reference. They were great live, too! Saw them a week ago or so and they played Crack the Skye in its entirety.

Unfortunately I think I’ll have to stick with my fleet of Zunes.

previous woot.

Got two refurbed 1 GB Clips awhile back and really like them. They are great for Audible books and podcasts–they hold your place, even if you play music in the meantime. The only problem I had is that one of the two Clips would charge but didn’t hold its charge for more than a few days–should have asked Woot for a replacement but didn’t. The other Clip and the numerous (>5) refurbed San Disk players I have bought have all been fine.

These are great for podcasts!(they have a great FFWD feature) And the earbuds are pretty good as well.