Sandisk Clip 2GB MP3 Player


I wanted the Lego man.

no little man, thats a deal breaker!

Great little players for younger kids or to use when you workout. I have bought many Sansa refurbs from Woot over the years and have never had a problem with them.

Great player! They make very impressive tips for a night out at your regular pub!

BTW - The “Wicked Buds” are perfect with these!

I Wooted the 1-gig a while back, and it has performed flawlessly…

I’d get it if it took microSD, like some cheaper Mp3 players.

It doesn’t though

in for one…

i love disposable mp3 players. i tend to send them through the washing machine.

and now I’m imagining Tina Fey dancing, my god, my insomnia addled brain shall destroy itself

watching Afro Samurai, burning off AVI’s for a reformat, and wooting some pigtail extension cords

what a great start to a bday weekend


See DJ Nikon

I got pink ones for my nieces for $16 each in a previous woot. They love them, and they aren’t broken yet.

I love these little mp3 players. I bought a few a couple of rounds ago and use them all the time. They’re so small, I keep an extra one in my car and in my gym bag. They’re easy to recharge and easy to use. I was hoping Woot would offer these on a woot-off :slight_smile:

Someone ordered a sandisk.

The woot buyer must be getting these for next to nothing and making a 200% or on profit from SanDisk on a lucrative deal. OMG this shit always appears on woot more times than I can care for. Get 6 and gift them to the kids.

I too have snagged one of these in the past and love it. It’s far easier than lugging my iPod to the gym, and I care a lot less about it getting damaged/lost, etc…

Indeed and get few more. Rattles better than pocket change.

I put Rock Box on one (not this model) and avoided any proprietary software. is the place to go to see it it has a version for this model.

Make it an 8GB and you got a deal!

In for 3. Again. Used them as stocking stuffers this past xmas and everyone loved them more than anything else I got 'em!

i bought one for both of my roommates

one of them uses it all the time while the other lets it sit on his desk until im watching a movie he isnt interested in…then pulls out a reed 2gb of these

works wonderfully and super easy to use

if i didnt already own an 80gb Zune, a 5th gen 30gb ipod, a creative labs zen 80gb and a handful of other MP3 players…i would consider this one

though until woot adds the upgraded model with the option SDCard for memory expansion…i’ll stick with my Nike Rio 128mb that has an SD already built in

…if non of my other 190gb+ of players dont suit me


See DJ Nikon