Sandisk Clip 2GB MP3 Player

yay mp3 payers… not like we dont have a million :stuck_out_tongue:

J U N K !!!

I love my 2gb clip.

Are you kidding me

Are you kidding me

Though cheap enough, this one will be up for a while.

Which Sansa player can be expanded using a mini SD card? Not this one right?

Good for very young kids - but that’s about it.


Are you kidding me

I wanted the little man. :frowning:

Love the Sandisk players, but this one seems a little expensive.

Got 3 of these in the last B.o.C. I snagged.

Was trying to grab one as these are great for joggin, but dang they sold out quick!

It’s a Sansa! These things are pretty decent actually. I still am enjoying my 1gb one that I bought early on in my wooting career.

Your “click here” looks like “dick here”. I’d change the font kerning.

I’m in for three of the little man!

Oh… damn.

What a great disclaimer!

*dick… not duck. wow.

These are actually good players. Take a licking and keep on kicking.