Sandisk e280 8GB Media Player



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Sandisk e280 8GB Media Player
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Sandisk e280 8GB Media Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder

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Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Sandisk e280 8GB Media Player, for $59.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Sandisk e280 8GB Media Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder

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Does it have an Adjustion button?


Deal breaker woot, I’d only buy it if little lego dudes were included.


Well, this will take some time.


Again? Dang


Refurb’id…oh well


Darthbots…I want the DARTHBOTS!!!




Not bad, not bad. Don’t want one, but it’s better than those 1 gig pieces of shit they have been putting out.


Awwman, I just bought the 4 gig last week. Gay.


Only if it include the legos…
“Luke, I’m your father.”


Hope this goes quickly. But not certain.


It needs to come with the Lego guys.


Get to the goodies!!


got one of these last wootoff… still have not got it yet so dont know if its good yet.


Still have my pink MP3 player from a long while ago np~ and got the IR.

That said, decent MP3 Player if you don’t mind the conversions.