SanDisk Express 1GB MP3 Player

Looks interesting…

yep; looks like somthing isn’t working quite right. Hopefully we can get this fixed shortly…

If I click on “I want one” what is it that I want? and if I change it to I want 3 what do I get?

I don’t think it matters how bad you want one of anything, because as of this moment, you’re aren’t getting any. (Click on “I want one” for confirmation of this hypothesis).

One of the great philisophical debates.

11.99. Darn. I was hoping for like $6. Then I could buy 3 and have some nice disposable mp3 players. At $12, they’re just slightly above disposable price.

Yeah, just checked the other one. It didn’t get into both. Just a partridge in a B.O.C. I love this about wOOt. seriously. Not perfect and it’s worth waiting up for what’s next. Had great Sansa players (didn’t get this one YET) (but I will) woot on!

How do you charge it??? Through the usb???

Can you install rockbox on this?



BAH! HUMBUG! I waited an extra 50 minutes for this?!?!? That’s too darn high! This is a $7 item at best. I am sooooo disappointed. I waited hoping to buy 3. What a let down.

So don’t buy it? These are great little players, and toss in a $4 2gb card and you have a very nice player. These things are great for people who don’t need a overly bloated expensive player and just want something to hear their music on in decent quality, and this player fits the bill nicely. The only downside to these is that they can only be charged by USB, so gifts to people without computers would require an additional purchase of a USB wall/car charger.

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

SanDisk Express 1GB MP3 Player
$11.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product: 1 Sandisk Sansa Express 1GB MP3 Player
Color: Black, Pink

Rechargable AND expandable!! DO WANT!!!

But how would a person without a computer load songs onto it anyway?

I’d love one of these… but they’re not rockbox-able.