SanDisk IBM OEM 1.8" Solid State Drives

The pricing on these is baffling.

I can go on Newegg or Amazon & buy a larger SSD for less money/same price than these 400GB drives are listed for.
e.g. Newegg has a 480Gb Mushkin for $135.
Amazon has a 480GB Sandisk for $149.

1.8" form factor?

That makes a huge difference versus the common 2.5" form factor.

So… what and how would I use a 1.8 inch for? Can I upsdate my old Zine???

this is INTERNAL or External SSD ? compatible with most notebook ?


You’ll need to look up the requirements for your notebook.

Not retail packaging, ok no big deal. Mailing it in only a foil bag and a bubble envelope? NOT COOL, WOOT. I haven’t tried to use this drive yet, but I would expect it to come in some sort of small box, not just a bubble wrap envelope. Lame.

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve passed it on to the buyer so they can discuss with the vendor.