Sandisk Memory Stick Pro 512MB – 2 Pack



i got links… check useful linkage for all comparison shopping links… turns out to be a solid 2fer… show some hustle and you might just get them all.


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Sandisk Memory Stick Pro 512MB – 2 Pack
$6.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Sandisk Memory Stick Pro 512MB SDMSV-512



Seems like a good deal.


Mainly for Sony equipment. Kind of small for anything in the last 5 years though.


heh, too bad i dont have any sony camera


The shipping cost kills the deal


I bought these last time they were up. Worked great. Not huge but I don’t take tons of pictures at one time. I’ll have to pass this time.


I want them BUT, Can not do SMARTPOST again. Lost my last 2-fer and no replies from woot! staff.


13 a piece on amazon


I’ve got a Sony camera.

Too bad it takes the Memory Stick PRO Duo which is half that size.

Oh well.


Yippee!! I lost one this summer, so this is a Bonus of Credit for my camera storage.


Note: This is NOT Pro Duo, and thus not compatible with most of the newer Sony Products like PSP and the compact cameras.


good price but i no longer have any device using regular sized memory stick…


good for anyone with a psp.
wrong size.
only good for you sony camera people.
all 2 of you.


I wouldn’t isolate your thoughts to a Sony camera.

If your computer has a memory card reader, as most do today, you have yourself two VERY cheap 512mb flash drives!

And, of course, you have the ability to use it in your Sony camera. Either way, it’s a good deal.


Syd Barret! Genius!


It would suck swapping 512’s when you could easily by a 1 or 2 gig…


Nothing uses these, we need soe MS Pro Duos


mabye if it was a duo…

and more than 512…

but for the price… damn thats not bad people…