Sandisk Memory Stick Pro 512MB – 2 Pack



It’s been a while since i’ve wooted…

Froogle Link Minimum Price $10.39 X 2 = $20.78

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $9.95 X 2 = $19.90

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $9.95 X 2 = $19.90

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 3.5/5 Stars

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Sandisk Memory Stick Pro 512MB – 2 Pack
$17.99+ $5 shipping

2 Sandisk Memory Stick Pro 512MB SDMSV-512


Good for the Sony Digi Cam!


worth it?


BizRate Prices… $9.95 and up.

Shopzilla Prices… $9.95 and up.

… other comparison sites are basically the same… SHopzilla has the most stores of any selling this… the woot isn’t much better… if you can get a free shipping deal… go with Shopzilla… otherwise… go with the woot.


not pro duo? sad…


not big enough!


SecretPrices … $29.99

Adorama … $9.95

Froogle … $12.99


DAMN SONY PRODUCT. Screw Sony and their proprietary shit. Go STANDARDS.


arrrr if this was mem stick pro duos i could use it with that psp of mine that got stolen


Decent Deal.

Would fit in my DSCP10 just fine too!

I wonder though, in recent light of other sony products, will these blow up or catch on fire in your equipment? HEHEH


Boycot Apple products and sell Sony propriatary crap mem cards? Woot, WHY?


Interesting, does anyone actually use memory stick?

I’ve only seen it in sony stuff. Good price though.


10 bucks a piece, and thats from eBay so you don’t really know what you’re getting. Great deal, but too bad they’re not memory stick duos


Nice for sony digicam owners like myself! I’m in for 2 (or 4)


…and this is why I won’t own any Sony products. They have proprietary memory that is expensive.

Except for when it’s on Woot!

It won’t get me to buy Sony though…


This illustrates to me the problem with Sony devices – stupid proprietary memory sticks. My better half has a Sony digital camera, but I can’t even buy these for her: Her cam uses Pro DUO.


Bah. Now I know how the MAC users feel. Humbug.


if its 2 1GB, I’ll be jumping all over it.
Not much of a deal for 2 512mb card.