Sandisk Memory Stick Pro 512MB – 2 Pack



Picked up four of these last time they were offered. Turns out the older Sony cameras don’t even recognize them.

Shoulda read the manual I suppose.


compare prices for this woot… all the comparison shopping links are on the blog…
… is two really necessary though?


come on woot…this won’t fit in my Dell Axim :-/


Ahhh wouldn’t it be great if everything was made by Sony! Then these would work on everything, and we all could be a happy Sony family, and have Sony kids, and Nike shoes.


Damn. I thought these were Duos for a second. I mean, you CAN use these on your PSP, but it requires an UGLY hack.


didn’t they have them up before for the same price of $10.99 ?? how many of these do they have?!?


8.63 each is cheapest on froogle

so you save about a $6.26 with shipping over this other place. nice woot


shoot…woot got me for $17.99 a few weeks ago


together they’re 1gb!


If only they were Pro Duo. Oh well, sleepy time.


These things are pretty much being given away on Ebay.


Sandisk Memory Stick Pro 512MB – 2 Pack
$10.99+ $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Sandisk Memory Stick Pro 512MB SDMSV-512


Would be nice if they were xD or SD. A sort of memory that many consumer digital cameras use.


this is an awesome 2 for tuesday deal!!

although most people already have 1 GB or 2, these can come in handy for back up just in case you forgot to delete pictures!


Hmm, havent these gone the way of the Dodo bird/dinosaur/8-track/voting democratic?

I cant think of anything besides only part of Sony’s crappy Cybershot camera line using these.

Can you use them in a Sony PSP if you just let the end stick out the card bay?

If so, I can fit an MP4 movie on it pretty cheap them…albeit the ones meant for the PSP are about $20/1GB now at retail


No Pro Duo??? No thanks.



…or you can pick up a 2GB pro duo with adapter for about $16 on ebay (that includes shipping)


I need SD cards…could use a whole handful if you come up with any of those.


Can anyone actually order one of these???