Sandisk Optimus Eco 2TB 2.5” SAS SSD

I would hope that if you are going to drop $1600 for a refurbished SSD, you would check that you could get a new one for just $40 more off the parent company’s site:

I was wondering where they were coming from with the database stuff when I found it was just a cut and paste job off the product website:

You ppl aren’t even trying…

Have to admit I LOL’d when I read the price. Refurbished?

Isn’t this WOOT? The home of “Deals”?

I could buy a used car for that price, or… maybe a cheaper brand new drive AND a used car.

C’mon Woot, bring the deals already.

Plus, there’s a 2TB Samsung 850 EVO for $750 on Amazon right now…


We actually had the incorrect price. It’s now a happier price. Buy the SSDs.

These are SAS enterprise drives. Much much bigger difference compared to a consumer SSD. These are rated for insane server demands vs. youtubing and gaming…


Now why woot would carry them is beyond me. Not sure what home user would need an enterprise level drive and I doubt any place that would use them would be buying refurbished ones.

I think they were tracking me. We have been looking into moving to SAS SSD’s on our SAN.

Quit looking at me Woot.

I’m still seeing it as $1,550. Is that really correct?

Yes. These are enterprise-grade SSDs for high-performance and large datasets. This isn’t a consumer SSD that you would pop in a laptop.

2.5" form factor is a laptop drive !
the deal breaker for me is it’s only rated to 18,000 feet !
and it only has a Warranty of 1 Year !
you would think Sandisk would give it at least 10 years !
ohhh and I wanted 3 :slight_smile:

when I’m up on the mountains I need a drive I can rely on !
whether it be Kilimanjaro or Mount McKinley or even old man Everest I need a drive that wont fail me while I’m doing my quantum algorithms !
18,000 feet doesn’t quite cut the mustard ! :slight_smile:

She was the prettiest Cyclops I ever did see… <3

2.5" is a very standard format factor for enterprise storage, as well as laptops. Just because thd drive is 2.5" wide does not make this a drive for a laptop. This drive has a height of 15mm, so it will not fit in a laptop. It is designed for 2.5" enterprise storage servers. The SAS interface will not be able to plug into a laptop as well.

If sure when you built your new datacenter on the top of Everest, SanDisk will help you reliably integrate the drives of your choice into your SAN.