Sandisk Sansa c240 1GB MP3 Player

If this one is like the one I have, it has REFURB stamped on the side and it won’t take micro SDHC (so only up to 2gb)

They generally don’t like it above 8GBs. Even that would be pushing it.

i did my part bought one for the gym.

Oh snap! A Sansa. Didn’t see that coming.

refurb and sansa do NOT mix even for this price

Does it work with my iPod?

What is the max size the micro sd expansion slot will take?

I’ve had several Sansa c-class mp3 players. The most expensive one has a failing earphone jack ( but still works, may even take it apart and fix it) but the others are all going strong. Some were given as gifts, got the first one a couple of years ago.

In 4 3 (see what I did there?) :slight_smile:

Not bad, but who only has 1 gig of music. I use a 30gb ipod, but it’s not like that’s filled. I have around 6 gigs or so.

this is weak sauce.

I always wanted an FM tuner that can display 64,000 colors!

Nice, 1gb for a small, small player. In for 1!! Quality? For 12 bucks who cares? If it lasts until Christmas I’ll be happy.

One of the faster Woot Off’s I’ve seen.

this your first woot off? get comfy, you’re not going anywhere for at least 24 hours.

Hmmmm I “Sansa” lack of product… lol

Anyone got theirs yet? or is this a normal wait period?

Nope, I haven’t got mine yet. It isn’t a normal wait… usually about a week.

Havent received mine either…

Nor have I … six months later.