Sandisk Sansa Clip 8GB MP3 Player Woot Info Post posts way too much at the forums

Sandisk Sansa Clip 8GB MP3 Player [Refurbished] - $32.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Sandisk Sansa Clip Black 8GB MP3 Player

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sync with itunes?

here’s the product website

the user manual

and CNet’s review

can you save songs from the fm tuner?

Is this compatible with Rhapsody? I know it won’t work with iTunes.

Read the ad people! This time they’re selling the key.

I haven’t seen this low a price on this (8GB) - ever.

My wife has a (2G) Clip, and and loves it.

The really surprising thing is the audio quality – obviously better than any current iPod, if you listen with good speakers or headphones.

It’s about the size of a (1st-gen_ iPod Shuffle) with a very readable screen so you can see what you’re playing.

I love the Clip, but of the 3 I have bought (refurbished) from Woot, two have had problems. One wouldn’t hold charge more than a day or two and the other has a defective headset jack. Not sure what to conclude from that.

Also, how well does the FM turner work? Will it pick up a signal in a building or will it work best in an open, outdoor area?

Is that the key to the Sansa Warehouse?

Egads, why woot why? Why must you do this to me, you know I have a problem, I am POWERLESS over the Sansa. I cannot control myself, I need HELP. Woot you know that don’t you, that I just cannot help myself when you have such SWEET deals on the Sansa players. I already own more than one person should be legally able to own, why oh why do you make these MP3 players so appealing?
Thanks A LOT woot, Thanks A LOT.
"backing away slowing, will NOT push the big yellow “I want one” button, HELP ME I CANNOT CONTROL MYSELF.

Grabbed this last time it was on Woot, awesome 'lil player & multi-tasker. I have my library organized with MediaMonkey and it auto-syncs with the Sansa Clip, my phone, and hells-bells anything else I could plug up to my PC. My Sansa Clip also stores a few files that travel back-and-forth with me between home and work because it pops up in My Compute in XP/Vista/Windows7 and allows you to transfer files back and forth like it was a USB thumbdrive.

I suggest getting another pair of headphones, the player can produce some incredible sound that the basic headphones it comes with can’t handle. I have mine plugged into a pair on Stanton DJ Pro 60 headphones, and the sound is excellent!

yes it can, and it comes in handy :slight_smile:

I got three Sansas and they are awesome. For running, I think they are better than the ipod.

Sansas are just a great value.

I like how there’s no disclaimer regarding the key…

Hmmm, I have a bunch of Sansas (clips, e-series, c-series, 2, 4, 6, 8 GP…) and they all hold a charge very well. (got some from a b.0c) These are great for kids – music, audiobooks…great little mp3 players!

These are to die for. The battery lasts forever and the sound is very good. I have several different Sansa models and the Clip is my favorite.

Got one of these last time they were on Sellout.woot. I LOVE it. I use it for audiobooks every day. The battery lasts about 20 hours. Sound is great. Highly recommended! And cheaper than when I got it, too! Although, I did use my threecraps code on it to fet $5 off, so I still paid less than this~ MUAHAHAHAHA!

No, it’s the key to success!!