Sandisk Sansa Clip 8GB MP3 Player Woot Info Post

Sandisk Sansa Clip 8GB MP3 Player [Refurbished] - $29.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Sandisk Sansa Clip Black 8GB MP3 Player

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here’s the product website

and the user manual

I got this one a little while ago from woot, I’m very happy with it.

I honestly think Sansa makes the best mp3 players.

I got one of these from woot a while ago. Still working for me with a 14 hour battery life. I can plug it in to my old Razr charger and it’ll charge. Too bad it doesn’t have smart volume. Other than that it’s great. Haven’t had any problems with it. It did come with a very short usb plug and some headphones. The usb cord was very short and the headphones are just cheap ear bud things.

I have a bunch of mp3 players including a few ipods, but this little thing is my go-to player when I work outside or just need some different tunes for the car. It is simple and amazing. So tiny, but has a very readable display and great battery life. Throw in FM radio and voice recording-this is something Apple should have made. It’s a great way to have a bunch of music always with you-toss it in your bag or pocket and go. Great job again Sansa! This is a steal-you can get the 8 gig clip + that takes a micro SD card for even more memory space, but that will run you around $60 new.

got one last time they were on here. dropped it and the volume up button stopped working. i tried to fix it but ended up muting the poor little thing. think ill get another one

Have one. Got it from here back in December. It rocks, I never even think about my old ipod anymore. Only Sansa for me… Mmmmmm Sannnnnsssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Is this one of the ones that let you put in a micro sd card to put even more music in?

no, but its still pretty good

Will it Rockbox? That is the question.

Nope, the 8 giggers are V2 only. And V2 means NO ROCKBOX FOR YOU! COME BACK… erm, whenever someone gets around to doing a V2 port…

Love these things. Great for podcasts! It has a fast speed setting that lets you listen to podcasts and audiobooks at about 1.6 normal speed, which lets me keep up on all my TWIT and CNET podcasts… I use mine every day on my long commute. It’s exactly what I want/need… About time for a spare, I think.

You get more gbs per dollar with this versus the 2gb model in the adventure woot. The 2gb is $12.99 and this one is $29.99 So $6.50 per gb there, $3.75 per gb with this model, excluding shipping.

Pretty sure these are both great for jazz.

Heh. “the voices” Nice one, Woot…

A port is in progress though not stable yet:

Snagged one of these back in Feb for $42 shipped. Good sound quality, intuitive controls, and great for running. Grab one while they last.

I have the Sansa Clip and love it. It is the perfect size and will hold a charge for 14-16 hours of continuous use. I wooted the 2GB last year and paid more than this 8GB.

I suspect that most 8GB Clips are V2 (mine is), but I’ve heard of some that are V1.

In any event, they are making amazing progress on the V2 ports for the Clip AND the Fuze (a tough nut that one, from what I gather), and at the rate they’re going it probably won’t be too long before they’re to production.

Better yet, Sansa just a week or so ago did what no one expected – an updated firmware drop for the Clip – and, it fixed the one real problem with these devices – the infamous “pitch bug” which affected mainly those with perfect pitch and/or musicians who wanted to use their players for sing-along practice.

Sorely tempted to get one more of these, this is an absurdly tempting price for an 8 gigger. (Was also tempted to go for the 2 gig Clips on the snipe hunt over on “adventure.woot” but not sure if those sales are for real or just virtual trail mix.

Anyway, it’s hard to see how anyone can go wrong with this sale, even if it is a V2, unless your needs require video display. Not even Rockbox can do THAT kind of magic, since the display is a two-color OLED – one color for the main display, and another color for the banner area along the top. I believe you CAN display videos on it with Rockbox, but they’d be some kind of ugly “modified monochrome” with a thin horizonal stripe about a third of the way down from the top (the location where the two LED types are joined).

If your needs run mainly toward audiobooks or podcasts, you really will appreciate this little thang – unlike MOST players, it has PROPER handling (even of non-DRM’d audiobook content) – auto-bookmarking, chapter handling, etc. And. with Rockbox, you can speed up the plahyback rate WITHOUT changing the pitch (no “chipmunk mode” which you DO have when speeding up with the native firmware).

And, since audiobooks and podcasts are stored separately from music, you WON’T have random book chapters or podcasts cropping up in the middle of a music shuffle.

Great player, great price, nice capacity, good FM radio (and can record from radio), and, microphone (pointing forward if you put it in your shirt pocket clip-outward) for recording of ambient “stuff.”

We the voices hear the voices…