Sandisk Sansa Clip Black 2GB MP3 Player

Got the 1GB version. Works great for workouts since it’s got the built-in FM radio. Great investment.

Yep. Just drag and drop files.

Having used one of these in the past, they were functional enough, but the build quality seemed quite cheap. Not sure what you’d expect from a $13 MP3 player though… Sound quality was passable, but even high-bitrate audio shows notable degradation when listening through decent headphones. Great throwaway for running and a viable alternative to an iPod shuffle, but not something I’d use as my primary source of tunes on the go.

The Clip is the best player I’ve ever owned. Great sound and battery life! Buy 1, you won’t regret it. Do I need another one?

great player! have a 2g and a 8g. no nonsense, no iTunes, drag and drop, works with anything. best mp3 player ever. really.

what a ripoff! As in, what a ripoff because I paid twice for mine on a wootoff. Still a great deal though.

Light, relatively easy to use, and with a good amount of space… as long as you don’t need video, it’s hard to find a better value.

oh, except for the earbuds. As usual, you’ll need better ones.

So its like having a 2GB flash drive with headphones and a FM tuner… Cool Beans!

This is a good deal, the sansa clip was a top-rated MP3 player (by and is still listed as an editor’s choice.

Unfortunately there’s to expandable storage, so you’re stuck with only 2 GiB.

Fortunately, the price is perfect if you (like me) want a good player with which to play a song or two on the way across campus. It’s also good for holding small amounts of podcasts. It also somewhat supports rockbox, yay!

Now I’m faced with a tough choice: Buy this now, or wait for the Clip+?

no micro-SD slot?
no way!

My daughter loves hers to death!

Nice write ups today on all the woot sites. Pretty funny stuff, especially coming from people that are not used to writing them.

I should get this for my father. He’s been looking for something like this so he can finally graduate from CDs. It took him until the year 2003 to switch to CDs from cassettes.

It may seem early, but these things would be great stocking stuffers and why not get a little holiday shopping done waaaaaaay early?

maybe it’s just me but after a while, the stuff sold on woot gets redundant and played out…

these sansa players are garbage when will woot finally dump these trashy imports?

Those earbuds look like the coarse spongy kind. They’re not to gentle on the ears. I’d recommend getting so different headphones or earbuds as these will leave your ears irritated and itchy.

In my massive assortment of Sansas, I like the clip the least. It’s still a decent item, and like was said before, great for using in workouts. I’m spoiled by the many functions on others that are only slightly bigger (but of course require a special bag/armband to use for workouts).

got 3 of these on april fools (i wuz fooled, tho, and missed the jazz bag); plus i got the 8 GB clip as well (never mind why i need so many, i just did, dude)…

but here’s my point - if you drive a mac, like moi, then ALL IS NOT LOST - you CAN upload from iTunes playlists, you just need this helpful script

I handed this down to my 7 year old last year, it’s simple to use! 13 bucks for a 2gb unit is not bad, even if it is a refurb. The ear buds stink, BUT…we use the WICKED Ear Phones we bought from woot! instead.