SanDisk Sansa Digital Media Players

I own a Sansa Clip+ 8GB player. Works well, has a micro SD slot for increasing memory. Get yourself a 16 GB card off amazon and you’ll have yourself a 24 GB mp3 player on the cheaps.

Don’t forget that these even play FLAC.

And nothing beats drag and drop to put music on your device.

Sansas are back! Sansas are back!

I’ve owned 2 of these a 4 gig and now an 8 gig. The organization of media is awesome. I love them…simple to use

SO EXCITED! ever since i misplaced my sansa a couple of years ago, i’ve been hoping for a chance to get a replacement. thanks woot!

As always, don’t forget that these support Rockbox which adds even more file formats, nearly unlimited skinning, and even gives you the ability to play Doom!

No. Really. You can play Doom on the tiny Clip+ screen. I’m not saying it is playable, mind you…

Man I remember these things. I had one back in the day and I love drag and drop instead of using iTunes.

I’ve been pondering a cheap, small mp3 player to use at the gym instead of my ipod touch. 20 bucks, clips on, AND expandable storage? I’m in.

Do any of these read microSDXC cards?

Also, which one is newer than the others?

Is there still an online petition for

If not, there should be!

I wish they had Bluetooth then I would buy one on the spot.

Officially, no. Seems that people have had success formatting 64GB MicroSDXC as FAT32 instead of exFAT, but you do that at your own risk. That could destroy the card and even if not, may not work.

Speaking in no official capacity here, I’m nearly certain the Clip+ was first to market of the players in this Plus event.

Can you replace the battery like thier older MP3 Players?

Paycheck drops in… 24 t and counting

Cheap and simple. I use em. I also have to buy about one every year or two because the battery ends up crapping out or the audio input gets loose (maybe because I use them around machinery = vibration).

Beware: the Fuze+ has abominable touchscreen controls. I sold mine and bought one of the older models shown to the right and have had no problems with it. Sansa mp3 players are great, but the Fuze+ is a step back.

I still regard these things as light years superior than most ‘i’ products if you’re just looking for something that will play music and play it right. The inclusion of an SD card slot is golden all by itself.

Don’t forget to Rockbox this badboy and you’ll be in music purist heaven.

100% agree. I own several Sansa players, and once we got my mom a Fuze+ I thought it was just like the original Fuze in a shiny new wrapper…I was so wrong. Along with poorly thought out capacitive controls they removed functionality the original Fuze had. You want to play ALL the music on your player? Nope sorry you’re restricted to only playing one album at a time.

The Clip+ I believe keeps the original functions of the Sansa player family however.

I have three Sansa e-series from about four or five years ago. They are still working and play at least 10 hours continuous on a single charge.

They are rugged and robust, plus have the added feature of a decent FM radio tuner and a recording option. I have two children in orchestra and the sansa has been used to record audio of their performances and I must say it sounds better than most of the dedicated recorders others have used.

I am in for a clip for a small fantastic do all music player. I also agree with Rockbox as a great adaption that adds even more features and controls on the Sansa.

The earbuds that came with the older units were too big to fit comfortably in my ears, or anyone else in my family, so I would recommend a nice pair of in ear plugs. I have found Altec and Skull Candy work well and have been durable for all my uses.

Not quite.

The Clip and Clip+ players are supported, as well as the older Fuze. But the Fuze+ port is still experimental (see status page here).

But yes, it’s nice to see the Sansa players back.