Sandisk Sansa Digital Media Players

Grabbed an 8 GB Clip+ the last time they were offered a couple weeks ago and I’m very happy with it.

Best part about it is how simple it is to use. Also like how you can just plug it into the computer and move files back and forth.

Never bought one from woot, but got a 2gig clip+ from Amazon before and loved it. Just upgraded to the 8 gig clip zip from Sandisk as well, so I won’t be in for one of these.

I do recommend them though if you want to listen to music while active. I just feed my headphones through my shirt and clip it to the bottom. Doesn’t weigh you down and you can just look down to change the music. I don’t even unclip it. I just let go and it hangs from my shirt.

This + rockbox (.org).
I use it daily.

perfect timing! my sansa clip zip just bit the dust and I actually prefer the sansa clip+. In for 1 :slight_smile:

I have 3 of these, they work great!I download audio books from my public library. Best of all this item does not have a clock of any kind. Books expire on your computer, but never from this devise after you download the book. Upgrade through cheap mini memory.

Odd to see this today, I just stuck a 16 GB micro SD card in the 4 GB Sansa Fuze I bought on woot years ago so now it’s a 20 GB player. Love that it’s light, simple with great audio quality- perfect for the gym or long flights (great battery). Don’t know why anyone would need anything more than this if they’re looking for light and inexpensive. It was a refurb, still looks and works like new. Perhaps the best and most used item I ever bought off of woot.

Sandisk makes some great music player, I invested in a sandisk sansa way back when you would pay almost 200.00 for it, I’ve bought a fuze plus and a clip plus, both work great but the fuze plus has a few things I don’t really like, the virtual buttons make to tougher to use with out looking, and i’m not sure if its just mine but it takes a full min to start up. I highly recommend the clip.

Guys, get the smallest memory Clip+. Memory is cheaper, and these guys will support a 32 GB chip.

I must have gotten 10 or 15 of these, and have had a single dud. (Which Woot! replaced! And, that was a refurb.)

At $20, they’re cheap enough to lose, and rank MUCH better than the iPuke whatever! (You don’t have to install any Cupertino Fruit programs to run them.)

(Yes, I grew up in Sunnyvale, and had a REAL issue with Cupertino types. We won’t mention the Fremont/Homestead issue.)

steve (Not one of those 2!)

Perfect timing! I bought 2 of the previous generation refurb Sansa Clips - 2 2GB for $20 at least 2 years ago and one of them just stopped working and I haven’t had any luck getting it back. It worked great (and the other one for the wife still works great). Great sound quality (just get decent headphones), great battery life, easy to use. I’m in for a 4GB model this time and some toys for the kids. Having anxiety about if I should get another one for a spare lol!

The Clip is awesome, can’t recommend it enough. The Fuze? Not so much. The controls are not up to par when compared to the clip. I would buy another Clip in a heartbeat, but I would pass on the Fuze till they make major changes to the controls.

I have the clip - okay, I have 3 of the clip - and I love 'em. Easy and intuitive to use, drag-and-drop capable, no bulky software bogging my computer down (coughiTunescough), cheap, lightweight for running and has a convenient clip so hands-free listening is no big deal. I bought a 16GB memory chip for mine and, honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever have the desire to scroll through more music than that. Fairly durable, too - I’ve been using them for years and years and they have yet to crap out on me (which is more than I can say about my sister’s various iPods). If you don’t have one yet, pull the trigger.

Picked up a Clip+ last time they were on here and grabbed another this time. Have used mine so far for commuting, as well as while running and biking. The only issues I have ever had with that have been with my own headphone wires and just trying to figure out where to put them. I tried the base software on it at first and was not impressed, but since I loaded RockBox I have not found anything to gripe about. The buttons are nicely placed and intuitive, there is no circle this or that way to move up and down, rather just click up or down. Also, I like that there is no specific computer software you need to use with it and that you can drag and drop media rather than having to set up specific sync groups. Hope this review helps push some people to grab one, as it has not let me down so far and I don’t expect it to either.

My 3 year old 4th gen ipod nano recently bit the dust, so I just ordered a clip+ to replace it. I was utterly in love with that ipod, and the mini I had before it, but to pay 150 bucks for the current nano would be absolute nonsense (seriously what the hell, apple). I’m quite eager to see if this sandisk player is a cheap and awesome alternative.

I have to second how durable Sansa players are. I still have 2 Sansa e260 refurbs I bought in Jan 2008!!!

They both work great (Rockboxed) but one of the controller wheel is a bit loose but then I sure got my money out of them.

My kids got iPod Touch as presents 2 years ago and both are starting to go already.

I think I’ll get 3 Clips which should hopefully us for a while :slight_smile:

I have a bunch of clips I use in my high school classroom. I can record tests on one, drop the file to the computer then onto the rest of the clips, and my students who need to hear the test questions can listen to the test and still look cool. I also use them for audio versions of the novels we read in class. Worth every penny and then some.

Could you elaborate more on the Fuze? What about the controls do you have trouble with? Or is it just the fact that it’s touch?

And do you have any experience with using Rockbox on it? According to their site, it’s an unstable build, but their chart shows that it is (mostly) functional.

I have a 4GB clip+ and use it all the time. Works great. One nice thing (other than the price, general ease of use, small size, built in clip, great battery life, ability to drag and drop files onto it, expandable memory…) is that if you power it off while a song was playing, when you power it back on it will pick up where it left off. Seems like a small thing but it is nice.

The complaint that most people, including me, have about the fuze is that it’s more like a touch screen with it’s controls versus your standard buttons on the Clip and other models. It’s simply not as easy to use on such a small device.

Agreed. It took a few minutes for me to figure out how to get the software onto mine, but once I did it was well worth it. Provides much more functionality to the device.