Sandisk Sansa Digital Media Players

I have the Sansa Clip+ 4GB. I’ve had it for several years, and I love it. Highly recommended.

Kinda feeling old I’m still using the Sansa E200 and FUZE that I bought from Woot way back when they didn’t track purchases.

They were so good, I bought more for my friends (and only just last year did one of them die – a Sansa, not a friend).

So nice the modern ones don’t use that proprietary cable. Just like the Creative ZENs I bought before… whose OLED screen died within a year forcing me to try a Sansa. (Not to knock current OLED tech, which is miles ahead of six years ago.)

And the RockBox UI, even on the tiny screen of the Clip+, is a thing of beauty when compared to the standard.

Thanks to all of y’all’s recommendations I just bought a 4g Sansa and a 16g memory card. Cause if Woot is gonna offer both at the same time, it means Jebus is practically ordering you to buy one. Amirite or what??

Piling on the Sansa with Rockbox love, been using them since the E series was the latest. Rockbox makes audiobooks & podcasts a joy, unlimited bookmarks so you can move around in your listening, it will mark a playlist too. You can also set playback speed to whatever you’re comfortable with in unlimited increments, I’ve listened at 140% to some slow book readers.

I currently have one in a ziplock with the cord hot glued through for kayaking to audiobooks. I’m in for 3 clips, I never want to run out!

Holy moley, the Clip+ is tiny … and they still managed to fit a FM receiver in there. Rockbox went right on, once I realized that when the RB installer said “boot code”, they really meant “original firmware”.

Got 2 4gig Sansa Clip+ Sadly one won’t read any micro SD card we put in it including a Sandisc micro SD. Talked to customer service and all they suggest is to update the firmware, but it won’t even do that in either usb modes.

However I love the one that does work and will be sending the other back.

Ordered it July 21st. The Tracking number isn’t valid (FedEx or UPS). Still not here.

Woot! Guru online–can you help?

Sorry to hear that you have not received your order yet. Please write into Woot Member Services at and let them know.

They’ll be more than happy to help you resolve the issue and get your purchase.