SanDisk Sansa e250 2GB Media Player

I don’t believe this version has smooth type font.

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished SanDisk Sansa e250 2GB Media Player, for $29.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x SanDisk Sansa e250 2GB Music, Video and Photo Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder

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Had one untill the headphone jack broke 92 days after buying. D0 N0T WANT, I’d rather buy an i pod

does this have a video line out so you can connect it to TV set?

Tons of reviews on Buzzillions, only 3.6 stars on average…

Anyone who owns this… will it take Micro SD that’s larger than 2GB?! (SDHC Compatible?!) Thanks!!

sorry woot. If it was 4G or larger I probably would have bit on both. but 2Gis just too small…

not unless you rockbox it

Unless it is the second version, which can play SDHC but can’t be rockboxed, from what I understand.

Ha! You got the same problem as I had. Mine lasted about 100 days and the headphones jack broke inside. Also if you do a little search, these have an infamous reputation of breaking that way. There’s some pics available with one taken apart and it shows that the headphones jack is poorly mounted and secured. These are more than likely ones fixed for the same problem when they were new.

already have 1

what do you guys think - good groomsmen gifts or what? i’m trying to decide…

No and even if it did the video quality wouldn’t look good.

Ah, the Sansa e200… decent little player

The only problems I know of with it have to do with the headphone connection. It could do with a little more shielding, since you do sometimes hear interference when there’s flash activity, and I’d recommend getting a case for it with a beltloop or clip so that you don’t drop it out of a shirtpocket accidentally or do anything bad to the headphone jack when pulling it out of a tight jeans pocket.

Other than that…

From what I’ve read, this player is roughly on par with the iPod nano (although the Sansa View is probably a better match). Its screen res is a bit smaller, and the stock firmware doesn’t play AAC, but the addition of the microphone, FM tuner, and user-replaceable battery might make up for this, featurewise

If you want that AAC playback (assuming no DRM, which is evil anyway) or (gasp) Ogg Vorbis or FLAC, you can always try out Rockbox. Woot appears to almost always sell the older hardware revisions, which Rockbox already runs on.
If you by some chance get the newer revision (the “V2”), a port has been started but is still in the extremely preliminary stages.

Installing Rockbox also gives you a number of other advantages:
[]Many more audio codecs
]Gapless playback
[]Replaygain support
]Tag-database or File-based browsing (including the ability to delete on the go)
[]On-the-go playlist creation
]microSD HC support (read/move internally only. The original firmware is still used for file transfer, and the V1’s don’t support HC, so you’ll need a separate microSDHC card reader to fill it)
[]MPEG-2 video rather than just MJPEG (the V2 players might support h264 in the OF, but I’m not sure)
]Games! (including Doom, even though the controls are a bit difficult)
[]Slightly better battery life than the original firmware
]Optional Voice interface for the visually impaired
[*]mp3 and wavpack encoding (vs. uncompressed WAV) for voice recorder.

The Rockbox installation for the standard e200v1 is fairly easy and straightforward. I’ve never installed Rockbox on the Rhapsody model, but it still looks doable, if a little more involved.
As for regular usage, even with the masses of configuration/options available, I still find Rockbox to be easier to understand than the OF (but that’s my personal experience). Some people have tried Rockbox and decided they don’t like it for one reason or another. You can always go back to the original firmware, whether just by dual-booting or by totally uninstalling Rockbox.

Link recap:
[]Anything But iPod’s review
]ABI’s comparison of the Sansa e200 vs the iPod Nano 3G vs the Sansa View
[]Why Rockbox?
]Rockbox installation instructions for the Rhapsody version
[]Rockbox Manual
]Rockbox Sansa FAQ

[]Rockbox Sansa e200v1 port information
]Sansa e200R information
[*]Rockbox Sansa e200v2 status

Edit: made some changes to reflect the fact that this is a Rhapsody model rather than just a vanilla e250

i have the 4 and 8 gig of these they are good. it does not come in a retail package. and have refurb stickers on the back that can come off. mine came looking new. i think they would like it. also works with vista. good luck and congrats.

Definitely if that’s what the groomsmen are into.

Rhapsody? SDMX4-2048?
what’s that? Firmwares?

I’m also curious as to the difference between the two, I would appreciate if someone would clarify.

It means that it’s a slightly different e250 with Rhapsody support.

It should still be Rockboxable, but the installation is a little different.

The USB modes are called “Rhapsody” and “Plays-for-sure” instead of MSC (UMS) and MTP, respectively.

Thanks for catching this, though… I’ll have to edit my post above to take this into account.