SanDisk Sansa e250 2GB Media Player

have a bunch of these. they break. CRAP!



Finally something i can use. :smiley:


Bleh, small sansa

wootoff sansa? no way!

I’d rather have the toys…

Nice. Might be in for two at this price!


Will woot ever sell out all of the sansa WOOOoooooooTTTTttttt!!!

sorry woot! i already got mine the other day for 10 bucks cheaper.

The Force is strong with this media player.

LOL!! I know someone who has a ton of these! hehe :slight_smile:


I want to draw…

sansa sansa sansa
they should have these in the bag of crap

need a bag of crap, about as much as I need sleep…

need bag of crap more…

dang it, i’m going to bed, this is ridiculous