SanDisk Sansa e250 2GB Media Player

Bring on the condoms

I want Vader and Stormy

WTF the shit sucks!

Does this work with Sansa?


id rather buy the lego star wars figures.

Looks nice, but nah, I have my 3 gig nano ipod.

I got one in the last Bag of Crap I bought. Installed RockBox, installed a MicroSD 8gb chip.


Nuff said. Buy one. Buy two, stick one in the car. For $19? Good deal.

Sansa E250R + RockBox = Good


what would woot do if sansa went out of business? I shudder to think : )

bought a refirb one of these over a year ago. Still going strong!

everyone buy 3

YESSSS!!! Sansa is back!

Just ordered the clip the other day, pass on this. the clip looks sweet

got the 8 gb version on woot, great player, but it is too big for only 2 GB mp3

Amen! Roflmao.

I want those Little MEn The FOrce

actually, i would much rather have those star wars lego figures. much cooler than any sansa!

I want those Little MEn The FOrce

Not bad little players. I bought two of them last year about this time for my twins. The players have survived a year with the 5-year-olds. That says somthing, right? I personally enjoy and prefer my Creative Labs player, but Sansa is not a bad player at all.