SanDisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player

I only want it if it comes with the glasses

Does it say refurbished on the back?

I got the 2Gig version for about 30. These are some awesome Mp3 players. Be careful, though. My friend put a crack in his screen without a lot of effort.

Great little player at a cheap price. I only worry about the used battery.

damnit i just bought the 1 gb

Will this fit to an IPOD docking wire? I have one for my AVIC D# in my car and I tring not to spend 200 dollars on an Ipod.

kafka for the win.
sansa for the lose.

I have the 2 gig, its exciting, has memory expansion, feels sturdy, well built, wheel for volume etc. The display for pictures is acceptable. sound quality is as well as most players out threre, though not as loud as id like, the headphones suck, plan on gettin some new buds. a great x-mas gift for anyone without an mp3 player

I thought the exact same thing when reading the description. What a weird book.

I just have too many mp3 players already… I’ll have to pass on this :frowning: It looks like a good deal though.

added a 2 micro sd gig card to my 2 gig sansa for 14 bucks from newegg a couple of weeks ago. These little things sansas are awesome. Another cool thing is it takes so long for you to get these by the time they arive you’ve forgotten you ordered it and it’s a nice surprise when you open your mailbox and it’s there. lol…

I record lectures on my 6gb sansa

I would get this, but I got the 2gb one and a 2gb micro sd a few weeks ago. Nice to see that this is shipped via ground instead of smartpost (a disaster last time). Would have preferred this 4gb over the 2gb with card, but its all good. These look very nice and a bestskinsever will cover any tiny scratches if you receive one with any at all. Also, to remove the REFURB stickers, just get something with a sharp, flat blade and the stickers will pop off.

We got the 2gig one a while ago, fantastic, this is probably the same.

In case the 2gig one comes up again, woot seems to sell it for ~30 bucks. This week’s Toys R Us ad has it listed as $99, on sale for $89. This one is a great deal if you want a nice compact, sturdy mp3 player.

Come on Woot! Let’s have those glasses!

Damn, I already got the 2 GB one. 2 GB is not enough storage after you factor the hefty OS and UI. Especially if it comes with the Rapsody firmware. Including the music database, 800 MBs were inaccessable to me. So much for a 2 GB player… :frowning: 4 GBs will be worth it though, espesccially for the price!

I just wooted the Sansa e250 (2GB version) on Nov. 5 and love it! The FM tuner sold me on it, and I found the display to be crisp, the sound quality solid, and the interface easy to use. Great product for the price.

They always have the best descriptions

what the heck woot? this is the second time you did this “glasses trick” on us. I’M MAD! now put me on the quality posts section as the dissatisfied customer. and make it funny!

It doesn’t come with the glasses, but it might come with the old car… (click the picture)

I bought the e250 (2GB) refurbished unit from Woot last month and was extremely disappointed. It shipped without product packaging of any sort and without some of the accessories that come with the new units. The earbuds were NOT the ones that ship with new e200 series units, but rather extremely cheap ones. Unit was stamped “REFURBISHED” in huge silver letters on the back, so it is not suitable as a gift. I have purchased refurbs before from other online retailers and have always gotten like-new items, but this Woot experience was horrid.

“Woot” is my new synonym for “rip off”.