Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player

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Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player

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Froogle, plain and simple

I’m in for one.

Wadda you know, just what my gf wanted. wooted.

This thing doesn’t have a sleep function. The biggest flaw in a MP3 player!

Not bad since I still have presents to buy for people who I haven’t seen yet! YES!

Booo!!! Everyone that’s been on this site for more than 3 days has one of these. Geez!!!

Not this again ! How many of these must I buy ?
The last one, the battery meter never read correctly

I have an e280 (same product, just 8 GB) and it works great. Impressive sound quality, easy to use buttons, and very bright, crisp display screen.


So are the nose and glasses the “go to” gimmick for Woot these days. It was cute for that Bluetooth number a few months back but now it is becoming old and tired shtick.

Very tempting, however, I just purchased the Pioneer INNO XM radio and that has a 1Gb MP3 player. No where near as big, however, it does have live XM radio.

I got this new at BadBuy 2 years ago, really enjoy it, easy to transfer files (works like a flash drve)

Seems like everything on woot these days is an mp3 player… I’ll stick with my Jampod.

If it came with either the glasses OR the car, I would go for it. But otherwise no.

Same here, my girlfriend’s mp3 player just died, don’t tell my wife.

What happened to Gregor Sansa?

Anyway, this mp3 player seems not to play nice with macs and such.

I got one of these from Newegg a year or so back. It was a little less than 2x this price. It’s a great little mp3 player with DRAG AND DROP. Nice little color screen too. It’s their answer to the Nano. Nice woot!

wow,stupid one
better buy 30 gb ZUNE than this crap for 55 dollar
no thanks i pass, 4 gb is not worth it tho