Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player

The reason they have refurbs to sell is that more than 50% of these have headphone jack failures. The jack is connected to the main board by three tiny solder points, one of which almost always fails just from putting the headphone in and out. Look up “sound in only one near” and similar with sansa and you’ll find hundreds of threads relating to these faults.

Even if they reconnected the pin in these refurbs, it’s a poor design and is likely to break again. The points are very very small and very hard to get to – a magnifying glass and fine tip soldering iron required to even attempt a repair. Don’t plan on it working for years.

See, we know this guy that can get you a good deal…

have one, but I did get a couple of 2gig mini’s the other day, to add to mine :wink:

have the same one
works great no problems

Hehe. The table is hilarious.

you’ve got 3? didn’t know it was out yet

I bought the cheapie 1GB Sansa during one of the woot-offs and have said out loud that it works as good, if not better, than my 2GB Ipod Nano. I highly recommend the Sansa brand, and think you will be pleasantly surprised at how this stacks up to the far more costly IPOD, and I say this as an IPOD owner who once swore that I wouldn’t hand over my IPOD at gunpoint. Now I’d tell the thug hey take the IPOD but if you touch my Sansa, I’ll have to return fire and blow your head off. Well it sounded good anyways.

This baby got a 4.3 stars on Buzzillions. And I love Sansas. Good quality for the cash.

Meh, I like my Zune. Does the Lego guy come with it, though? That would convince me to buy it!

But… but… $39.99 <3

I just found the link… not that I need more explosive toys though… :S

4MB??? do you mean 4GB.

Don’t forget barrel length…size matters!

I’ve had one of these Sansas since December, and love it. I’m just a little annoyed that I payed $50 for it. And the .45 is a ghetto special they’re flimsy, inaccurate, but good if you plan to ditch them in a river after your drive-by, or so I’ve heard…

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These are ok. Getting music moved around is more trouble than I would like but the sound quality and reliability is good. Watch out on Rockbox. Some versions of this aren’t supported yet. Make sure this version is the one with a complete Rockbox available.

I am using 3.0 on Mac OS-X10.4.11 and it is working fine for me. If you just installed it, there might be some preferences that changed from your last configuration.

Good Luck.

Got one of these. Love it. Works great.

Pros: Cheap. Good storage. Does videos, pictures, music, voice recording, FM tuner… can be used as a portable storage device… great size… not cheaply built…

Cons: Refurb… the circle that you turn to scroll through songs or turn up the volume doesn’t work properly on mine but I was too lazy to send it back to woot for a new one, so I just use the arrow keys which is fine.

Can’t beat the value. I highly recommend.

Not always!

To quote:

No offense man, but 4mb isn’t much to brag about.
Id be in for one, but i already have this and 2 other sansas for woot.
mine stood up to a 2 day, 21 mile hike on the Appalachian trail, in a verry wet backpack, and came out working perfectly, if a bit banged up. dont buy it for the video, but for its awesome mic, radio, SDHC, rhapsody support, and user replaceable battery.
oh, and the click wheel glows blue.