Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player

Woot and I both drive Hondas!

This one got 4 stars on Amazon.

Also, 90 out of 100 on Alatest,287/

Is there a limitation on memory size on the micro SD card that this can handle?

Oh man! What a rare treat. Woot like never sells these. Count me in for three!

gum wrapper and an mp3 player for $25? Absolutely I will.

It has generally good reviews on the web:

It’s pretty small and thin.

Haha… Who is gonna get banned?? Woot never sells these!!!

Love the description!

Damn, here I was complaining about the SD – and you guys go and put in this. Arrrrrgh! In for one. I’m a sucker.

Oh! another rare treat from woot… :wink: but alas i cannot purchase…cause my ipod would disown me and i’ll loose kids (music) in the divorce.


2 gb

Back off the gum wrapper, man. That’s ours.

Someone needs a new wallet…

New wooters beware they have these all the time they are just trying to dupe you in to buying these.
They are good mp3 players i have one but they are not rare.

Hmmm, Woot was selling these for the >same< price just a few weeks ago - only WITH a snazzy case!!! Wheres the case Woot? What gives?!?!?!?

now THAT was a great description!

Hey wait a minute… I’m not wearing a shirt… Now I wonder if they were telling the truth about all that other stuff…

Oh well! I can’t risk it! Wouldn’t want to miss out on a rare opportunity.

Got and 8gb one and its not to horrable… the only thing I really have a beef with is the video on it. When you transfer video using the Media Converter, unless its in a certant format before you add import it, when it finally transfered to the Sansa, there will be a 2 second lag between audio and video. Also, when transfering a large movie, it will cut it in to multiple parts. Also, when watching videos, it likes to crash when you try to fastfoward 2 or 3 times…

If it wasn’t for the horrable job on the video, it would be a really good little playa.

this is a great player paid 47.99 last year from woot. worth every cent then, and even better price today.