Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player


Love my Sansa, don’t need another one though. If only this refurb came with songs already on it…

dammit… I wanted the chapstick

It’s got an sd slot

my first woot-off, and my first item. hope it was worth it!

My brown zune definitely dominates this thing

A word of caution. I bought one these refurbs from Woot a while ago (same model), and I love it. But the back has the word REFURB embossed into the metal. Put it in a nice case to hide the “I’m really cheap” label.

Bezt you to the lighter comment… ha ha

Without this, the woot-off would have no built-in drinking game. Oh wait, Leakfrog! How I forget thee!

wow funny how apple can charge so much for an mp3 player with 8 gigs and no radio and this one costs $25.

I want one of those green laser pointer things

The one time I actually want one, and something did something and my CC info was messed up and then it sold out! :frowning: now I guess I have to stay up longer…

I have this player but always found it to be a pain to add videos to it since they need to be converted first, but it’s been a while since I’ve tried, so maybe Sandisk has better software for this task now.

I just want a ~30gb player that I can abuse. sigh.

just cause he has a lighter doesn’t mean he smokes he might just like fire

Can somebody bring me my chapstick? But my lips hurt real bad! Gooooooood!!!

Mine too and I think my last :frowning:

I can sum up all the posts already so you can just close this thread.

This isn’t an iPod. I own an iPod…Therefore I am better than you.

Oh yeah? Well DRM sucks and so does iTunes apple fanboi! I have my Zune and when that new firmware is released, I’ll be top dog

I have gotten this player in a BOC before and that’s the only time I’ll be happy for one.

Great product, great reviews on amazon…I really like it


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There I just saved eeryone reading the entire thread…you’re welcome :slight_smile:

51 and sold out that quick

dam n it i know, I’ll kick you later