Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player

DAMN YOU interesting woot story. By the time i read the specs and thought i would buy one, it is sold out.

Gotta go. Next deal starts soon…


Hey at least yours works. My woman bought the 8 gb incarnation with the big REFURB on the back and it well… it lived up to the description.

/love mine though

Good job gettin’ the last one

I still have three of them...

Mine had metallic letters that peeled off.

i have an e280R 8GB that i bought almost a year ago and haven’t had any problems yet.

I got 6 of them in the Woot-Off Lights B-ag of C-rap.

Mine had the word REFURB on the back, also. Like the other post mentioned, they’re just adhesive letters. It looks permanent, but you can pick them off.

PS- They’re all for sale. PM me. :slight_smile:

ditto, it definitely LOOKS embossed, but you can scrape them off with a fingernail.

Oh Snap!

Just received my Sansa… It’s not an e250, or an e250R… It’s an e250v2. No rockbox for you! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Off to ebay :frowning:

Oh wait:
Looks like I may be ok afterall…
ebay will have to wait.

label on back is unreliable… firmware (Settings->Info->Version = 01.02.18A) shows it is indeed a v1 player.

Rockbox Util complained that it was a v2, but it installed anyway (for me). happiness… (note to self: stop gifting your sansas to loved ones if you dont have one yourself)

I just got mine. The back says it;'s an e260v2. It came with a bunch of songs preinstalled. None by any artist I’ve ever heard of. Looking at the genres, there are a bunch of various types, including “alternative country”. Excuse me?

Gotta love refurbs.