Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player

Wow, that went really fast!

I thought all these went into the BOC’s

I have two of these and use them exclusively to listen to audio books (free from the library). Love both of them.

I got one of these with my bandolier of carrots, but I already have an Ipod. It is really convenient to use on runs though because it is much smaller. Plus it can listen to FM stations, and record them which is always an extra advantage. Sometimes when I get sick of my music on my run I will throw on the classical station for some truely epic treks.

For those that say 4GB is too small for an mp3 player, do you really need 30GB of music every time you go out? When you get sick of some of the music, just take it off and load something else on. Easy as pie.

I know, I spent like 10 seconds mulling it over and bam! sold out.

I tried to buy one quickly, but when I placed my order they had already sold out. Did they only have 2 for sale?

crap i’ve been waiting for this all day and it’s done already

You may use it with Linux, and depending on your drivers, you may be able to get it to recognize as a player. I have a 4GB Fuse that gets recognized, but haven’t paid attention to whether my 2GB E250 gets a pop-up for a player when it’s connected up.

I don’t usually bother, and just let it mount up to the file system, then access it directly that way, using mplayer or something, again at the command line (yeah, yeah, call me old skool), if I want to.

If I needed an external player to play my ripped music, I wouldn’t need a software player on my Linux machine, but I understand and support your desire to do so :slight_smile:

I think that they only sold one or I got the last one because after I quickly bought one it was sold out. Thanks Woot!