SanDisk Sansa Express 1GB MP3 Player



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Refurbished SanDisk Sansa Express 1GB MP3 Player, for $14.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x SanDisk Sansa Express 1GB MP3 Player

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Noooo, so close. I wanted one of the 4GB ones. I broke mine about an hour ago in a biking accident :frowning:

actually, it still works. screen is just cracked and can’t see anything


That is Cheap MP3. The fact it has a micro SD is good though.


This cutie gest a 3.7 star rating from Buzzillions…


No reasonable display. No thanks.






buy my 2gb C250 i got here a few months back, with action jacket…has the microsd slot as well



I had a couple of friends who got these right when they came out. They bricked almost immediately.

As much as I love my e200 series Sansas, stay away from these.


1 gb seems so tiny… I like the size of this but not the capacity.


That’s a 7MP Kodak with a 10x optical zoom.


It’s nice looking, but not enough storage space.


that’s why they sell so many, they can’t read, they think they’re getting higher mp’s…funny stuff…


Anybody see the USB extension cable? Invisible?


I have one of these. For what it does, it’s fine. Consider it a bigger, uglier cheaper shuffle that actually lets you organize your music, record memos, AND listen to FM radio. The build quality’s indifferent, the menu system awkward, but for what it is, and does, it’s fine.

Oh, and it doesn’t need a special USB adapter which you’ll lose.

I really wanted to be able to listen to NPR, etc., on my morning walks in the park. Of course, now that I can listen to streaming Internet radio on my iPhone, this isn’t quite so special.

But it’s cheap, and I don’t think it’s a crummy Woot. Maybe not spectacular, but not crummy. I have a feeling every wooter already has two or three similar in a drawer somewhere.

Yeah, the Clip is maybe better, but is it cheaper?


I thought, 1GB is ridiculous. 1st graders carrying more memory…BUT then, I thought, WOW WOOT, I JUST got those micro SD cards you mentioned in today’s mail. What timing, did you know? I guess that makes this a better buy since you can use a memory card.


8GB SDHC compatible now!

New firmware released 2 weeks ago.


I think I’m the first one here excited about these. I stocked up on the 2GB MicroSDs talked about in the post, which should be FINALLY getting here on Tuesday. I bought more than I had use for, just because it was a great deal and to save on shipping.

A 3GB flash player for $20 isn’t too shabby, especially one that doubles as a unvierasl flash drive like this. Thinking about going in for two.


Click the photo.


Own one, love it. Wooting one for a family member. Its the only way I EVER listen to FM radio, and it makes a handy blackmailing tool with the recorder. The recently Wooted 2gig MicroSD card works wonders with this little gem.