Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB Media Player

So many players…

not first


hook it up to your roomba to create DJ Roomba

no more Hannah Montana ones?

If you get the right version on these, they’re pretty useful.

I sensa pattern here… this Woot-off theme is “things I d0 not want”

I have two of these. I think they were cheaper the last couple of woot-offs.

Wishing there was a link to smooth jazz with this one, I’d like to have a woot adventure right about now!

I think it would suck… :D:D

Pretty good deal… Walmart’s cheapo version is like $25 plus tax and it’s CHEAP. I bought one of these for my son for Christmas somewhere else, and take it from him when I want to use it. Very nice and user friendly.

I thought that one was $20 last time…

They have so many versions of this. All kinds of prices. 1gb 2gb 4gb…

Ah, yeah! I love listening to Muzak!

Got my 4gig Fuze from woot lately. Very happy, solid battery life. Got lucky and got a V1(rockbox capable)

Am I the only wooter who DOESN’T have a Sansa? Well, now it’s calling to me. Must resist… must resist!!!

never thought I would be as excited to see a sansa on woot as I am now… but can it detect radar?

I wonder how well it could hold down papers on my work desk? Would I need to buy two in case of a strong gust of wind?