Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB Media Player

I have 2 of these. They actually rock. cheap enough to keep one at work and one at home.

These do actually rock, great value for a great product

anybody know what format they use for sound recording?

I keep breaking mine, so it’s good that I can get them cheap on woot.

Recording via the microphone records in .wav format.

I’m starting to see a music related trend for Sundays on Woot…

Have one. Love it. Use it daily on my 60 mile (one way) commute for audio books. Can switch out to listen to music and go right back to where the book left off.

Tiny, sturdy (don’t worry about tossing it in my purse, or just leaving it in my glove box). It’s 2+ years old and going strong. This is a great price. Mine was $79 new and I thought (at the time) I was getting a bargain! :open_mouth:

Is it RockBox-able so I can stick a 16gb microsd in it??

I didn’t know that Invisible Woman worked at Woot.

You’ll get it.

$52.27 on Amazon

Previous Woot

even refurb’d ones normally go for $40. great deal for an expandable unit that does not require itunes to load

I have 9 (yeah, nine) Sansas and they all still work…great. So I think I’m gonna pass. But they are a phenominal buy. I think all nine together cost less than a well known famous fanboy…mp3 player.

The Sansa Fuze product page straight from Sandisk’s site. You’ll see the average reviews if you scroll down a bit.

People gave it 4/5 and I personally love Sansa but I wish they would release newer models already!

ZDNet review

reviews @

Sansa’s are the kinder, gentler mp3 player.

No itunes. That’s worth 30 bucks right there.

If it is a Version 1 Fuze, then it’s totally rockbox-able and it works brilliant.

If this is a V2 Fuze, RockBox will work, but is still considered unstable. I’ve ordered Fuzes from Woot on two separate occasions and both were V1.
And I VERY highly recommend rockboxing this unit. The standard firmware’s just not that good.

Looks like the question is, is this V1, or V2? V1 is good to go – V2 has ‘unstable’ rockbox support.

EDIT: beat to the punch…