Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB Media Player

Will this work with my SOG Visionary I?

Finally… something that isnt a knife or a flashlight.

I’m going to use this as a flashlight. I hope it also cuts things.

I like this, except for the proprietary cable.

Twoot I’m a night owl.

I sure hope this also has power outlets and cuts apples!

I’m guessing that they only have about 5 of these in-stock, judging from the bar and the fact that only one has been sold(probably).

Didn’t they sell this earlier? but I think it was off in that picture.

Probably a stupid question, but was is that next to the Sansa?

a woot business card, to show size of player. No you don’t get the card with purchase, but maybe if you ask nicely they will.

Rats…my old one (2gb) just bricked last week! I was hoping for a Fuze woot! soon, but missed this due to being asleep. Maybe they will find a couple more during the day as they unload piles of cr@p in the woot-off…

Is there still a way to buy this,even tho it isn’t currently on woot now?If so, please tell me.Also is there a line up of the items that will be coming up

No, and No. Just keep watching.

Sure… just NOT on woot!