Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB Media Player

how many songs can i expect this to hold with the average song being 3.5 minutes?

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but does it have over 500 fart apps?

This is a fantastic little player. I got one in B.O.C. a year or so ago…

And NO it wont work on your (cr)Apple

Thousand or two?

Nope, which is exactly why it’s worth every penny, unlike anything Apple produces.

I got the 8gb version of this here recently and LOVE it. Holy cow, it blew my old Creative Zen completely out of the water! I’ve only had it a few days, but I am utterly in love with it. I’m certain this one is just as great.

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All depends on the bit rate. At 128k you can average about 1,000, but your music quality is not very good. I have the Sansa Fuze Clip 4g (thanks Woot!) and it holds roughly 650 songs at 256k.

finally something i want and coupon expired. :frowning:

damn sansa garbage again. seems like all woot ever has these days is sansa players and netbooks. very disappointed

I had a 3 gig ipod, it could hold around 400 songs, so i’d say this could hold around the same if they’re 2.5 minutes each

Do you ship Sansa Fuze worldwide?

Sansa Fuze!!!

I have a mix of around 80% Q9 OGG, 10% Q10 OGG and 10% of FLAC music and it holds about 335 of them.

Thinking of extending the capacity with a 32GB MicroSD card when they become cheap enough.

I got one the last time and put rockbox on it. I love the thing.

I"m convinced someone from Sansa shows up at the Woot! warehouse every few weeks with a tractor-trailer loaded with future Bridges of Californias. I bet they show up at the dock, with a baseball bat in hand. “Sure would be terrible if something were to happen to this here website you got”

Yeah, man! They should totally sell some watches! Or a mattress. I’d totally buy a router. I wonder if there’ll be a Slingbox any time soon… =P

Anyone that gives you an answer is guessing, so I’ll toss in my guess. Song quantity has nothing to do with time, and has everything to do with size. The better quality of recording, the bigger the file. The average song file is 3-4mb, so if you loaded this up with ones like that, 1000 or so, but that’s highly dependant on the size of the file. If you get a lower quality song strip, say a 2mb file, you can double that. Hard to tell for us though.

Edited…thanks for the quantity check. Silly me to try and do math before bed!