Sandisk Sansa Fuze 8GB Media Player

Found it for $70.44 on Amazon.

Reviewers tend to like it.

here’s the sansa website Woot Info Post su.sretoow

Sandisk Sansa Fuze 8GB Media Player [Refurbished] - $44.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Sandisk Sansa Fuze 8GB Media Player with 1.9” LCD, FM Tuner & microSDHC Slot

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Here’s the manufacturer’s page.

Here’s the manual.

I don’t own this particular Sansa model, but I own one similar to it. Like the one that I own, this model takes the proprietary Sansa sync cable. People might ask if you can use the iPod cable–you can’t.

These are great! I got a couple of them earlier this year (for about $10 less shipped) from Newegg. However, this is the best price I’ve seen since.

Note that these are permanently branded with REFURB on the back panel. It doesn’t bother me a bit, but if you’re thinking of giving it as a gift then you should know that your cheapness (er…thriftyness?) will be known by the recipient.

I think that one of the best features is the MicroSDHC slot. I don’t currently use it, but with the way the prices are dropping on those, next year you’ll be able to pop in a 32GB card for under $50.

Does this model have gapless playback? I know that the Sansa View does not…

I have the 4gb version of this, and have been very impressed. Fast UI, easy to navigate one-handed, and excellent sound quality.

the ability to add micro SD only increases its value. I have a 16gb card in mine, and it works great. I haven’t heard of the 32gb being confirmed yet, but i see no reason why it wouldn’t work.

Whats most amazing about it is the battery life. I have left mine in the car (playing) while parked overnight, so we’re talking about 12+ hours… and this thing was still on the next morning, with about half battery remaining.

With normal commuting use, I have to charge this thing once a week, if that.

Random thoughts:

These are probably the best bang for your buck, media player-wise, in the sub-100 price range. These and the clip. At $50 it’s a steal. Bought one for my mother and she loves it. Of course, I’m obsessed with mine.

SQ is generally considered to be superior to Ipod. The price, FM tuner, microphone, and SDHC expandability make this generally superior to the ipod equivalent.

Rockbox will work on it, although it’s marked as Unstable right now:

Rockbox is pretty usable with some quirks. Occasional bug here and there.

Bought a 4GB in May for my girlfriend and I. We use em at the gym all the time. For the most part, they’re great. They’re small, battery life is excellent and cheap. Accessories for them are cheap on I got a band and silicone case for a buck.

My only issue comes when I add new music to it with windows media player. The media player (or the fuze, I’m not sure) will double add a song or two every time I try to sync new songs. It’s a minor inconvenience and definitely NOT a deal breaker.

Not yet. Maybe in a future firmware update.

However, if you install Rockbox on it you can get gapless playback.

BTW, If you don’t like Rockbox you can still boot the original firmware by holding the < button while booting it up.

Will the Fuze work with the Timex “Made for Sansa” clock?

There’s a handy page with product info and a bunch of reviews on MetaReview.

It apparently has a MetaRating™ of 8.3. Aren’t you glad you know now?

permanently? like the shiny sticker letters that can be removed with your finger nail? or laser etching?

According to a review on Amazon, yes. The Sansas share the same proprietary connector so whatever works for the E200 series should work for the Fuze.

These things are near invincible. My cousin had one with a warranty at Best Buy. It took a few months of deliberately trying to destroy it to get a newer model. We even ran it over and it was still working fine.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately Sansa is notoriously bad about updating firmware, and rockbox isn’t supported for the View. Can’t justify buying a third Sansa without bonafied gapless playback.

OK, a general question for this and other smallish media players:

The only thing I would be interested in watching are downloaded TV shows (Dexter, Breaking Bad, ST:TNG…).

For those of you who have owned similar, is it feasible to watch these and be able to tell what is going on on a screen so small? I’d love to take one of these to the gym and hit the treadmill while watching holodeck characters get loose and almost destroy the Enterprise for the 10th time, and then see the crew keep the danged holodeck around instead of ejecting it into space like they should if they had a shred of common sense. Will I enjoy this on such a small screen?

This is the same model of Sansa I currently have right now and I love it! When I purchased it new, it was about 80$ with free shipping on Amazon it was originally to replace an older e280 Sansa model, and it was certainly worth the upgrade.

Some of the notable changes in the new model in comparison to the e280 model are the interface itself, I had one of the first versions, so I found the buttons on this Fuze to be much easier to use. Also, the record button for the mic is no longer on the system itself, instead you actually have to be within the record section to start recording, which means no more accidentally hitting that button.

I’ve also noticed that the battery management on low power is much better than the e280, and it lasts for a surprisingly long time even on single digits power.

The only downside is that the battery isn’t so easy to remove, unlike on the e280. This mostly matters on those rare occasionally where the Sansa freezes with a black screen, you can’t just remove the battery and place it back in to get it to boot again. Instead you simply need to let the Sansa sit until the battery drain before it is responsive again. An annoyance but manageable, this freeze has only happened twice in 8 months I’ve had it.

And as a note, I really recommend updating the firmware when you get it if it doesn’t have it, it’ll give it .OGG and FLAC support.