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where all the! at?

Sandisk Sansa Fuze 8GB Media Player [Refurbished] - $39.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Sandisk Sansa Fuze Black 8GB Media Player - Black

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Have the 4 GB version of this and love it. Small, light, easy to manage (drag and drop, baby!!) and good sound.

Here is a Review with video…

Sansas are awesome. I never thought I would use one, but this is fast and full of features. I can give you a great review, but here are tons more on Amazon, who sells this for 69 new.

I think Sansas usually sellout at Woot.

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The Sansa Fuze has Slotradio support and I’ve been looking for one at a decent price.

In for 1…maybe 2. :slight_smile:

Anyone know whether this is v1 or v2 of the sansa fuze. It would be nice to know because it makes a difference of how compatible this player would be for rockboxing.

Have been waiting for these! In for 3! =) Ty woot!

Y’know, now that the FuzeV2 port is coming along, and Rockbox is guaranteed to run either stably or less-stably-but-still-improving (depending on the hardware revision), I think the Fuze has officially replaced the Sansa e200 series as (my pick as) the best (tactile-control) DAP.

Great sound quality, excellent third-party firmware available, more features than I can shake a stick at in the short amount of time I’m taking to post this. What’s not to like?

edit: likes it too.

All about updating firmware

Anyone know if this is v1 or v2? Rockbox is stable on v1, but not v2. I have a Rockbox’d Sansa e260 (from woot, 2 years ago, still kicking ss & tking n*mes), and I would upgrade to the Fuze for twice the space at the same price as my e260 purchase…

…if I could Rockbox it.

Refurbs are $49 with free shipping on amazon

Gonna have to sleep on this one, I want one, but if I get one then I will have to get a LOD from ebay for it as well, I have an 8 gb clip and have been wanting a good price for one of these so I can listen thru an amp due to the line out. In for 2 would be even better.

Read the friendly manual

Fuzes are great little players. I have two 4gb’s (woot refrieds) bought a few months apart. The first is a red v1, the second is a black v2 which I’m pretty sure was actually brand new despite being sold as a refried. There’s no guarantees what you’ll get but I’d guess for this 8gb you’re more likely to receive a v2. Note that Rockbox is somewhat working on v2 fuzes now, though v1 is more solid at the moment.

I’m sort of tempted to order one of these but I have so many mp3 players now that it would just be crazy.

The Fuze’s main annoyance is the proprietary usb cable. I like the Clip+ better for that reason. The Fuze has much more battery life but people on have been running the Clip+ from external packs with good results.

Rockbox now supports v2 as well, except that you need to boot original firmware for USB download. Their status page says everything else works.

They have a long time issue with battery life; rockbox gets reasonable life, 12 hours maybe, but the original firmware somehow is clever and gets more, 17 hours IIRC.

This may or may not matter to someone, and may or may not ever get fixed. Achieving ultra long battery lifetime through purely software changes is quite challenging even if one has all the various hardware documentation.

But to answer your question directly, I don’t know which version of the firmware it is, and I doubt woot themselves know either. With many Sansa models, one actually needs to turn it on and look at settings to find out.

Go ahead and get it.

Rockbox is stable on the V1 and ‘unstable’ on the V2. In other words, they’re working on it. They of course don’t give estimates of when things will actually be done, but according to their page about Sansas based off of AMS hardware, it looks like there are still a couple issues, but it should still be mostly pretty usable already.

And, yeah, twice the space, much nicer controls, and better SQ for exactly the same price (when factoring out the shirt coupon) as that Woot in April of a couple years ago? I’d be sold if I didn’t already have one.

re “twice the space”, of course you can add a microsdhc card to either the e260 or the fuze… with a 16gb card in either player you’re looking at 20gb vs 24gb. That’s the main reason I’m resisting buying this, I already have two 4gb fuzes and I can expand them with microsdhc cards.