Sandisk Sansa Fuze 8GB Media Player

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Sandisk Sansa Fuze 8GB Media Player
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Sandisk Sansa Fuze 8GB Black Media Player w/FM tuner, 1.9" LCD & micro SDHC slot

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yay waz waitin for one!

Got a 4 gig refurb last year. It lasted until the warranty was up, then froze.

I bought one 4GB Fuze in previous woot and it’s rock solid!

Plays OGG and FLAC like a champ! This thing is unbelievable!

I don’t care what they say. Most worthwhile mp3 I’ve ever had.

(Can I have one f’free? I’m a cheap and poor bastard.)

Hows the screen for movies? It looks a little low grade, so im a little worried how video playback would be on this thing.

I am actually sticking to my work out routine. However, it is mighty boring not having anything to listen to besides the juice heads grunting.


I’ve had several of these pawned off on me. The best way to describe them? There’s a reason they are so popular in the Boardwalks Of California.

I have the 4GB one from about a year ago as well. Super solid, FM works very well too. I use it with an 8GB micro-SD card, for 12 GB of total space.

I owned one of these, until I misplaced it. I don’t remember if it was 8gb or 4gb.

However, it was an excellent mp3 player and pretty durable. I dropped it several times, however it didn’t break. Never had any issues loading songs onto it drag and drop.

I’d recommend it, however the only thing that I dislike is that it takes microsd cards instead of standard size SD cards, which limits the size considerably.

Oh, one more. The battery life was more around 8-12 hours for mine, I had to charge it fairly often.

I got this exact model (though it’s in grey0, and it’s pretty awesome… small-light weight-versatile.

You can add the third party firmware replacement RockBox to it… but other than playing flac or mpeg… there really isn’t a point.

It’s a tiny screen. Not very good for video. Then again, I think all of you people watching video on little itty bitty device screens are weird.

Sigh, it would be so helpful to know if this is v1 or v2 to decide whether Rockbox is an option. The 4GB one I got was indeed v1, so it’s running happily on Rockbox.

I may take the plunge and go for this.

Any idea if it’s v1 or v2? I’ve become dependent on rockbox for multiple filetypes and not having to browse by id3 tags.

Amazon reviews are pretty good!
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I always wondered, is there a principal difference between these and the infamous E-series (such as E280)? Other than the form factor that is?

Is there anything this one does better than E280? Or maybe the other way around?

These little guys are reliable.

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