Sandisk Sansa Fuze 8GB Media Player


this is gunna take forever

Boo I need a bluetooth!

Great deal, I saw the 4gb clips going for this price during Black Friday.

Damn I was hoping for tripods. Sadly I will be gone for the next three hours starting in 20 minutes. Lame.

Can you really have “too many” of these?

i like cheese

This is nice. I have one of these, and it is running great. If you get one, I recommend putting RockBox on it. Now I can even use mine to play FreeDoom.

You gotta respect the Fuze!

refurb…no want

I am going to get this JUST for the head phones!

Gotta say this player is awesome, battery life is unfreakinbelievable. I have a Memorex clip for working out and this for taking on travel. The two of them were cheaper than a Apple Shuffle.

I love mine. I have three. One for each car and one for by work bag. Only wish that I did not have to have two playlist with one in Windows and one on itunes.

Oh Sansa… You came at just the right time. I’ve got laundry to put away and kids to corral. I heart your heart with my heart.

In for one…who’s next?

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I am a gadget happy geek! I take incredibly good care of my gadgets. I treat them like little babies. With one exception…

I beat on my Sansas! That’s right - toss ‘em in a pocket, drop em’, throw ‘em. And they take a lickin’

And keep on…

Keepin’ on. And they sound great. Wooters love Sansas.

Don’t get me wrong. I use my iPod Touch for games and sports scores. But for tunes…


I REALLY hope there aren’t a lot of these!!

Haven’t been enough, I must get more

Love love love love love mine. Putting audiobooks on it as we speak. Got all the kids one for Christmas. Can’t go wrong here.