SanDisk Sansa M240 1GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner


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SanDisk Sansa M240 1GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Sandisk Sansa SDMX3-1024R M240 1GB MP3

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guess im going to sleep, rofl.


cry again






not for me


no thnx. i bought that philips on and it was crap. don’t need more flash music crap players.


ForceEight wrote:i suppose you aren’t someone who has used Vista happily for 5 months now (as i have).

in the meantime, someone buy the damned rest of these already.

“VISTA” happily … you musta got something I didn’t. I’ve had it for a while myself and it “works” but it’s NOT a performance OS and it DOES have issues. I have randome “well I just feel like rebooting … now” episodes and then it just stops … no I mean really stops … doesn’t respond to squat except holding in the power button for 5 sec of course and then ther’s the insability with just about every other piece of software out there thet Microsoft doen’t have their greedy little mits on … and many that they do!


Weren’t these $12.99 the first time around?




Not this thing again! This killed last woot! off for like 10 hours!




Bought this in a previous woot-off. It works well for what it is…and that is a cheaper mp3 player.


Wow, seems like not many people watching the wootoff at this time of day?


not for me either


I got one not to long ago for $12.

not bad , disposable


I still have two unused from the last wootoff. Still nice to keep around tho, they do come in handy with kids. I like to use mine in the truck with the FM transmitter I bought.


Got one of these last wootoff for my 9 year old daughter. Just fine for a cheap mp3 player. However, weren’t they cheaper then?