SanDisk Sansa M240 1GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

SanDisk Sansa M240 1GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product: 1 SanDisk Sansa M249 1GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner SDMX-1024
Color: Silver, Pink

Long live the Woot-Off !!!

Woot-Off Going on!.. Might be cheaper there - if one has the time to spend 2 days on … if not…

I have bought a ton of these… Perfect gifts for even iPod people… I have one in each jacket too…

These are easy as pie for someone who has any kind of computer… drag & drop

Only thing better would be a 2fer! … Oh, and if they had an SD slot

These are great, I bought two last time.
Since then I’ve bought a sansa fuze for the capacity, but I still use these from time to time. Good for those who tend to destroy mp3 players, these are pretty tough. I recommend it for those who listen to music while working out as well, they are small and work great, i’d buy one to just throw in the car so you’ve always got your tunes…

This is a GREAT deal as far as I am concerned.

They are the PERFECT size for us motorcycle riders. Just tuck it in a pocket and ride. Simple buttons allow you to ride and filter through the songs… I am gonna WOOT me some more!

I got three of these last time they were on Woot. Great little players and easy to use. I gave one to my 6 year old niece and she loved it. I’m in for three more!

Just as a “They’re great, but” warning, I picked one up back in Feb and 93 days later, the headphone jack started shorting out. Emailed Woot but they said it was out of warranty and there was nothing they could do (Despite the fact I didn’t actually receive it the day I ordered it). It still sort of works but if I jar the player at all I get a nice burst of static.

I know they’re cheap but they don’t seem to be particularly well refurbished, either.

These players are good, but I cannot play books on the pink one I bought from woot, it won’t fast forward past 15 min. The silver one does.
It is the version of the firmware, the 4.1 version has a flaw that it does not fast forward past the 15 min. mark. I bought a Creative Zen because of this.

Found one at 12.95 + 8.00 shipping (20.95 for those without a calculator handy) for a refurbished unit on Google shopping. Another store was trying to sell a “sort of” refurbished unit for 17.95, only the volume control didn’t work. How they sold out I’ll never know.

So the price at $9.99 + 5.00 for the entire order of 1-3 seems good.

Why no FM in Europe?

Awesome I got a 512 version of these for the girlfriend about 2 years ago and she just lost hers. Every time she has to do some cleaning or work out she complains about not having her mp3 player. I’m going to pick up two of these give one to her as a random present and hold the other one back for the day she losses/breaks that one. I get to be the hero twice for only $25

I second the above (identical experience, even to the colors). Not only the fast-forward problem, but also it won’t resume your audiobook at the point you last listened (I listen to OverDrive Media audiobooks from the public library).

My two m230s resume perfectly, as does one of my m240s. It’s pot luck, you can’t change the firmware if you’ve got the bad version. This is known and discussed on the Sansa user forum.

Rockbox port status:
V1: “Some initial work has been committed to SVN on 2 May 2008. It is possible to compile a build, but not much else. There is an working tick interrupt in the bootloader and a working LCD driver, but a working ATA (NAND) driver is still needed.”
V2: “Rockbox does NOT run on the v2 players.”

I bought the unused 1 year warranty 2GB version for $25 shipped from two days ago. Only ten bucks more. I have been using the 512MB version for a year and am very happy with it. The tuner is more sensitive and selective than any of the other five digitally tuned portables I have owned, (though not as good as my old Sony analog Walkman). I like that the buttons resist getting pressed accidentally unlike most portables.

Can one use iTunes to sync this baby? And if iTunes works, will it convert AAC files to MP3 to do so? (I know this is asking a lot from Mr. Jobs but it’s my music, I ripped it myself.)

Oh Ya! Dont you know everything works with iTunes! You can even attach it to your iPhone to make it a Wii Remote.

They have a slighty different frequency band for FM (I believe it’s at the low end of the 'dial" that FM tuners aren’t allowed to tune in there).

BTW one more vote for this being a great deal!

I bought these the last time I saw them on Woot, and I LOVE them! They are super-easy to use, work great with my PC (could not get my iMac OS 10.3.9 to recognize it), and are so cute!

I am loading the pink one with music for my 5 year-old, and I love that it is sturdy and easy for her to use.

I was impressed with the sound quality. I did not expect much from this, but it sounded good on the cheap headphones, and even better plugged into the Aux input of my Teac table radio. I love Sandisk!

I cannot say enough good about these. If they made an 80 Gig version, I would have bought it instead of my iPod.