Sandisk Sansa M240 1GB MP3 Player with FM Tuner

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What tagline is this from?
Difficulty: VERY EASY
First one to guess. WINS a prize!

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Pink and White for his and hers or is this two fer Monday?

A: Its a refurb. yes rox0rs!1
B: Theres pink.
But, It could be worth it. Nice price tag, maybe you could use it as a standard flash drive that moonlights as a music player?

You only get one or the other.

Read the description

7.3 on CNET (very good)

3.5 stars on Amazon

for this price, they’d make a good emergency FM radio for a disaster kit.

I put in and got the two Sansa 512mb refurbs from about 3 weeks ago for $20 and now you guys offer 1gig for $10. Saddening :frowning:

got 2 of the 512s for $9.99 awhile back. actually, i got 6.

i was very impressed by the headphones, and good range on the FM tuner at my gym (where you can tune into an FM station to hear the flatscreens on the wall).

but these do make great xmas gifts…seriously, what else can you get as a gift for 10 bucks these days. i am in for 3!

Got one of these the last time around - it works great. Just ordered another for a friend. -JW

I have the 512mb version of this. It’s a good, solid mp3 player. Well worth getting for such a low cost.

That said, there are some issues. The user interface is somewhat unintuitive and annoying, and there are occasional issues with syncing.

i also got the same thing… sigh

oops…the two 512s were $19.99…sorry :frowning:

Lmao my feelings exactly man… Just sucks when stuff like this happens.

Yeah, but is it pink?

/unless you don’t have a problem with that.

I liked mine, alot. Gave it to my mom though when I got my ipod. Miss my radio on that one.

Husband got a new mp3 player and we gave his (silver) to my daughter. She LOVES it, and uses it daily! If it can take the 3 1/2 year olds abuse, it will work for you too!

Think Easter baskets for kiddos if not for yourself…less cd damage, good stuff!

I picked up three and I have had good luck with flash based Mp3 players that were refurbs! I have had BAD luck with HDD Based Mp3 Player Refurbs. $35 shipped for 3, Yes this is a Nice price, and if anyone is wondering I had to RMA the Creative Zen M and Woot was very friendly and helpful and refunded my money in just over a week.

Dont care that its a refurb, just want something cheap to use at the gym.

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Very nice…