Sandisk Sansa m250 2GB MP3 Player

that’s a sexy looking mp3 player!

For all you iPod hatahs out there. You’ll be bitching about this in about ten minutes too.

g8 x-mas gift.

Guess what?

MP3 player.

Should have known.

…I miss the iPod speakers…

I stayed up for this junk!

not a chance

this wootoff sucks

please, no more mp3

these should go quick although anything just about seems quick after the last one


great sound quality on these suckers

Should sell out quick…

Sweet! Just what I wanted! I paperweight with buttons and a screen! Thanks woot!

Sandisk s u c k s

Well that’s cute…

Woot has sold 5 million Sansas. [citation needed]

fyi, these are awkward to hold and slip out of hands easy.

I had issues with these players before, not very durable, but the Sandisk warranty was excellent.